RapidLend™ Small Business Bundles

Implement ‘off the shelf’ small business lending and portfolio management within 24 hours


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RapidLend™ Small Business Account Acquisition Bundle

Quickly get up and running with digital small business lending to address the rapidly growing base of small business owners with: 

  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved speed and configuration 
  • Limit risk with on-demand document policy printing
  • Decisions made on models, not by individuals
  • Improved use of internal resources and time
  • 24-hour implementation after credentialling 
RapidLend Small Business Account Acquisition Bundle

RapidLend™ Small Business Portfolio Management Bundle

Quickly implement a comprehensive small business portfolio management solution to address opportunities for improvement along the entire receivables lifecycle as you scale small business lending:

  • Actively monitor accounts for changing credit behavior
  • Periodically rescore accounts to identify shifting risk trends/segments
  • Expedite account reviews and credit line adjustments
  • Make faster decisions and apply new credit policies in bulk 
  • Save time and internal resources with automated workflows
  • 24-hour implementation after credentialling 
RapidLend Small Business PortfolioManagement Bundle

With custom pricing built to fit your budget and needs, Experian’s RapidLend™ Small Business Bundles can help you drive the efficiency and agility that is needed to grow your small business channels.

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