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Experian Data Quality is a recognized industry leader of data quality and data quality management solutions. Our comprehensive solutions validate, standardize, enrich, profile, and monitor your customer data so that it is fit for purpose. With flexible SaaS and on-premise deployment models, our software is customizable to every environment and any vision.
We have over 12,000 clients worldwide in retail, finance, public sector, healthcare, and more. Our data quality management platform will empower your organization to unlock the full potential of your data.

Address verification

Address verification

Keep address data up to date and maintain the integrity of contact information over time with real-time address verification solutions.

email verification

Email verification

Maintain accurate email lists with one-time and batch email cleaning to reduce bounce rates and improve ROI.

phone verification

Phone verification

Improve mobile/SMS marketing efforts and connect with customers using phone validation tools from Experian Data Quality.

Data Quality Management Solutions

Data quality management solutions

Analyze, transform, and control your data using comprehensive data quality management solutions - develop data processing rules that are unique to your business.

data matching software

Data matching

Get to a single customer view by matching and linking duplicate contact records in your database.

data enrichment and appending software

Data enrichment

Get insights about customer needs and wants to create targeted, timely messaging and offers.

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Need accurate Metro 2® credit reporting?

We also help financial institutions stay compliant with reporting and regulations.

When you report consumer information to credit agencies, accuracy matters.

That’s why we developed DataArc 360™, a powerful data management platform that combines our trusted software with our expertise in credit reporting.