Manage customer information

Improve customer segmentation with comprehensive database management

Create targeted offers using detailed customer data

Develop better strategies for growth by having a more complete view of your customers. Our database management application systems organize customer information using integrated scoring and segmentation features. By categorizing customers according to credit risk, buying habits and channel preference, you can create more targeted offers and achieve better response rates. Plus, comprehensive data lets you manage commercial and consumer accounts more efficiently and lessen risk.

Help your business better manage customer information with the following products:


Custom Scoring Models

Achieve better campaign results using highly segmented data and advanced scoring models.

Optimization for Customer Management

Maximize customer relationships through profitable long-term strategies with a fundamental tool that optimizes decision making to identify the best consumer-level actions to grow your portfolio to increase profits and minimize risk exposure.

Prospect NavigatorSM

This web-based tool eliminates the need for in-house data storage, multiple vendors or the purchase of costly data feeds — and it improves business intelligence. Test strategies, run counts and analyze new markets.


Archive Services

Optimize the management of your existing accounts by refining your portfolio management tools to identify areas that present the highest potential profit — and the highest risk.

Experian’s Data Integrity Services

Given the current regulatory environment, having a comprehensive methodology for assessing data quality throughout the customer lifecycle is vital to minimizing dispute volume and increasing customer satisfaction.

Experian TAPSSM

With TAPS (Total Annual Plastic Spend), know the total spend your customers generate, not just on your accounts but on other accounts as well. Differentiate the highest spenders to deliver better service, provide superior rewards, and even offer significantly higher credit lines.

Financial PersonalitiesSM — Credit Based

We combine consumers’ needs and attitudes with their actual behavior to build predictive models, using our comprehensive consumer data resources, to generate scores that accurately assign consumers to their financial personality.

Marketswitch OptimizationSM

Target specific segments of your portfolio most likely to convert and determine which customers should get which offers through which channel.


Prequalify consumers for credit in real time — enabling you to match consumers to loan options at the point of contact. Engaging consumers online, on the phone or face-to-face when they are engaged and most likely to respond will generate profitable leads for you.


Qualifies and segments your prospect list according to your unique credit criteria so you can target consumers most likely to respond to your credit offers.

Prospect TriggersSM

Stay ahead of the competition by knowing when your customers have moved into a credit risk profile that meets your ongoing business objectives for new offers.

Consumer data reporting

How can you best affect your customers' overall experience?

Offer credit education to your customers

Generate cross-sell opportunities and promote customer satisfaction with Experian’s Credit EducatorSM service.

Achieve data quality

How to achieve the goal.