We help businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences to deepen relationships using safe and effective identity verification solutions

Vast data sources

Leverage Experian’s comprehensive and diverse data sources to recognize the widest range of customers.

Proven computing power and speed

Fast, flexible and high-performance computing environment that delivers insightful and actionable analytics in real time or batch. 

Expert matching algorithms

Advanced machine learning linked with expert deterministic and probabilistic capabilities built over decades. 

Online-to-offline linkage

Drive offline activation for improved campaign targeting and marketing budget efficiency.

Provide customer peace of mind with solutions that drive engagement

Offer your customers comprehensive identity protection solutions that can help prevent and detect potential fraud.

How we can help

Our multilayered approach to identity solutions enables firms to recognize and verify consumers and businesses through identity proxies, behavior patterns and contact information across the entire customer life cycle with the opportunity to provide identity protection and restoration solutions to your customers.

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Identity resolution

Reduce friction and enhance the customer experience by using data to confirm identities and provide a consistent brand experience. 

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Identity management

Gain a single, validated customer view so you can authorize customers across platforms without increasing risk. 

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Identity verification

Identify and authenticate users by verifying information against authoritative sources. 

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Eliminate duplicate patient records with the right matching techniques and data. 

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Customer identity protection

Help consumers prevent identity theft to keep them and your business safe.

Confirm individual or business identities with confidence using our flexible protection and recognition identity solutions.

We combine a multitude of data sources and advanced analytics with proven computing power and speed to help verify consumer and business identities.

Industry-leading identity proofing

Verify the legitimacy of an individual or business identity in the acquisition and origination stages.

Identity verification and authentication

Our layered verification and risk segmentation solutions allow firms to identify, risk-assess and authenticate users across the customer life cycle.

Identity management

Perform identity proofing, matching and data verification with confidence while meeting compliance standards.  


of businesses say they can identify customers digitally, yet more than half of consumers don’t feel recognized online.

(Source: 2020 GIDF Report)


of consumers say their perception of a business is improved when there is investment in the customer experience, including security.

(Source: 2020 GIDF Report)


of patients don’t access their medical records online because of privacy and security concerns.


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