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In today’s growing Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) market, the blind spot in credit transparency is increasing. Lack of consumer insights on BNPL loans introduces risks and challenges for lenders during credit decisioning – including mispricing credit risk, inaccurately forecasting consumer capacity, and meeting compliance requirements related to undisclosed debt. Not any longer. 

Separate from our traditional credit data, Experian will provide visibility into BNPL activity and deliver advanced analytics based on the millions of BNPL credit records available.

Unlock opportunities and address the key needs of the growing market

Access the Consumer's Bureau

Work with a trusted leader. We’ve partnered with some of the largest BNPL providers to draw on BNPL tradeline data and records.

Expand the lending universe

Increase financial access to thin-file consumers with actionable insights and a refined view of consumer payment behavior.

Make decisions faster

FCRA-compliant analytics enable informed decisioning so you can move faster with more confidence. 

Drive inclusion

Put your customers first, and advance financial inclusion efforts while maintaining responsible lending practices.

Who we serve

We work with lenders of all types, from fintechs specializing in Buy Now Pay Later, to consumer alternative lending, point-of-sale lenders and traditional financial institutions.

Taking the financial district

Fintech BNPL lenders

Realize the benefits of accessing and sharing BNPL data. We accept and repose all BNPL loan types separately from our core credit bureau so you can confidently contribute data without negatively impacting consumer credit scores.

Women sitting talking

Traditional financial institutions

Level-up your existing capabilities and better assess and reduce risk with actionable insights and visibility into consumer repayment behavior. 

Buy Now Pay Later at Experian

Leading the industry with unique data, insights and solutions for this growing market


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