Credit risk scores

Expand your lending universe, mitigate risk and retain customers compliantly

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Determine creditworthiness

Going beyond traditional risk scores, our custom risk scores give you the ability to expand your lending universe and improve credit risk assessment. Quickly and consistently measure, benchmark and predict risk through credit scoring models that use best-in-class data sources, advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology. 

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More-informed, tailored credit risk scores

Our credit risk scoring models can be developed using your internal data and traditional and nontraditional credit data, such as expanded FCRA data, consortium and business activity data — which provide greater insight into a customer’s creditworthiness and ability to pay.

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Enhanced model performance

We create credit scoring model versions using various statistical methods to help boost model performance and predictive capabilities.  Advanced machine learning improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the models and scores while providing safe, accurate, explainable and actionable decisions. These models provide added flexibility and transparency for businesses depending on individual model governance standards and business objectives.

245 million

consumers in Experian’s database.


of businesses plan to engage with an external supplier for support with AI or machine learning in the next 12 or 24 months.


amount lenders could grow their pool of new customers by using modern credit scoring methods.


Quickly determine creditworthiness so you can make effective lending decisions

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