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Gain increased transparency and insight to mitigate risk

Use our portfolio management solutions to understand and benchmark your institution’s aggregate credit risk within your portfolio through advanced loss forecasting and scenario-based stress testing. Identify and manage concentrations of risk while meeting regulatory requirements with respect to capital and liquidity.

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Automate your account management strategy

Develop account management practices that include automating rules-based workflows to activate account treatments and specific customer experiences.

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Proactively monitor your accounts

Using our fresh and high-quality data, attributes, and scores, you can easily extract insights from your data details, including real-time and daily triggers. Take the guesswork out of account management.

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Engage platform solutions for end-to-end account management programs

If you’re looking for more comprehensive solutions, we offer a range of platform solutions to deliver an end-to-end account management program.

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Build your own program based on your unique needs

We also offer reports and tools for smaller businesses not yet ready to institute a full account management program. Simple, yet effective strategies help you to identify your business’s immediate next steps.

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Drive the best data-driven decisions and better understand your customers

Power efficiency with data quality — standardizing, deduping and validating data stored in a single, easy-to-read record — to ensure your customer data is accurate and ready for use across the business.

How we can help

We help you proactively monitor accounts by delivering fresh, high-quality and timely data; attributes; scores; and models across the entirety of your portfolio (consumer and commercial). Additionally, we offer portfolio scoring on a monthly or quarterly basis. Better understand and reduce risk while nurturing your best customers.

Account and portfolio monitoring

Monitor, score and visualize your overall customer base.

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Let’s take customer management to the next level

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