Driving growth while managing risk for our commercial customers

Commercial data

Power comprehensive insights across the customer lifecycle with our entity data on 28+ million businesses, robust small business consortium data and access to consumer data for blended insights.

Agile innovations

Accelerate delivery and enable innovation using the latest proven technologies to give our clients the ability to quickly receive, retrieve and evaluate data and better determine risk exposure.


Enhance value for our clients using our commercial analytics environment, highly predictive machine-learned models and our commercial data sciences expertise.

How we can help

We address the evolving and diverse needs across the customer lifecycle using commercial data, attributes, scores and analytics, which is key to providing a frictionless customer experience. We help our customers thrive by improving decisioning and managing risk, through actionable insights when evaluating commercial and small business customers.

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Experian’s SBFE Data™

We combine Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE)** data with Experian’s extensive commercial and consumer data assets to more accurately and efficiently assess small business risk through actionable insights into small businesses and owners.

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BusinessIQ 2.0

Our Business IQ 2.0 solution can be accessed through a web-based platform or via API integration to reduce your credit risk while maintaining growth with more insight into prospects and customers.

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Ascend Commercial Suite™

We provide an integrated, state-of-the-art technology platform that leverages the power of our analytics environment with multiple data sources to power opportunities across the entire credit lifecycle.

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Sentinel™ commercial entity fraud suite

We help businesses at any stage to identify fraud and mitigate risk, optimize your customer experience, connect businesses to owners, streamline manual review and responsibly grow without fear.

Helping you help businesses thrive through data and insights

Gain a competitive edge as you navigate through economic uncertainties.

28+ million

U.S. businesses in our database

190+ million

active commercial business families in our global database


countries and jurisdictions covered by our commercial data

47+ million

trade records in our Experian® commercial consortium


Let us help you make better decisions using our robust data and analytics.

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