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Embrace the power of identity to boost marketing performance

In today’s hyperconnected, always-on world, customers move across channels, devices and real-world locations at lightning speed. It’s imperative to keep up with customers — and their data — to deliver relevant experiences.

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Combine marketing and credit risk data for a 360° view

Leverage targeted marketing data specifically aimed to help you find, acquire and retain more customers while allowing you to manage and track your marketing efforts from start to finish.

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Engage flexibility and resources to manage your marketing efforts

Download lists, upload and enhance client files, and identify lookalike prospects while using credit and firmographic data to show a complete view of prospects and clients.

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Build a full customer profile

Connect multiple touchpoints, transcend channels and devices, and merge offline and digital behavior through information, such as mobile ad ID (MAID) and IP address resolution, hashed PAN resolution, cross-channel remarketing, pixels and site tagging, data bridges, and reverse appends.

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Bring together fragmented data

Stitch together disparate data, such as names; addresses; emails; device IDs; and cookies captured from multiple channels, platforms and devices with our identity resolution marketing solutions. This single-customer view ties to a persistent ID that makes it possible for brands to deliver a more personalized, omnichannel customer experience.

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The ability to accurately identify customers is the cornerstone of segmentation, targeting and marketing analytics. Leverage targeted marketing data and advanced solutions for better results.

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Customer prospecting tools

Identify and engage the right customers.

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MAID/ID resolution

Power your marketing performance by knowing your customers’ identities.

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Target preapproved offers

Target the right customers before you mail.

Industry-specific intel

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