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Unmatched data quality for online lenders

Our data quality is the best in the industry. At 99.9% data accuracy, you won't find a more reliable source. Watch how Experian can help.


Fintech solutions to transform your organization

Learn how Experian can help fintech organizations of all sizes.

Consumer lending solutions

Connecting consumers and fintech lenders.

Small business lending solutions

Helping fintech lenders power small business.

Fintech industry insights

Delivering insights and resources to fintech lenders.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and others agree...



...And, we're proud of the recognition among the industry.

Unlock untapped growth and explore Experian's API Developer Portal


Fintech trends and tools to kickstart market reentry

Learn more about the transformation of lending trends post-pandemic in this white paper.

To charter or not to charter

Learn how regulatory decisions may impact fintechs in 2021, the pros and cons of bank-fintech partnership

Increase approvals while reducing losses

Discover how Atlas Credit was able to double their loan approval rates while reducing risk with instant d

Leveraging Data for Good: Getting Financial Inclusion Right

Experian & Nova Credit experts break down the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

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