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Experian Public Sector is a trusted service provider empowering government agencies to make the right political and economic decisions and create better outcomes for the citizens they serve. We consider the complex challenges facing the public sector and work to develop relevant, timely and sustainable solutions for our clients. 

Our extensive data assets, unique analytical offerings and proven track record of adhering to the highest standards in data security and regulatory compliance help federal, state and local agencies provide public services that are more effective and personal for the people who use them.


Gain market intelligence for economic growth, develop multifaceted views on citizens and agencies, optimize debt collection efforts and fight fraud.

Our best-in-class services help public sector agencies:

  • Assess and prepare for public sector risks
  • Streamline eligibility verification and eliminate inefficiencies
  • Control and manage access rights to data and applications
  • Improve investigative workflows and processes
  • Develop collection strategies and reduce budget deficits
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Detecting income tax underreporting

Underreported individual income tax is one of the largest, but most challenging problems facing tax and revenue agencies today. Using our advanced analytics and custom model development services, learn how one agency was able to detect over $33 million in tax revenue gap and prevent future underreporting of taxable income in this case study.


Identity proofing

Learn comprehensive identity proofing insights and best practices.


Maximizing collections

Discover new opportunities to improve revenue growth and maximize collections.


Fighting fraud risks

Combat income tax refund fraud with Experian’s Tax Return Analysis PlatformSM.


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