Fraud prevention for government agencies

Detect and combat fraud and identity theft across your agency’s solutions

Fraud perpetrators remain a relentless threat. Their schemes and attacks can appear instantly or progress slowly, requiring a toolset that captures and summarizes these behaviors in both real time and over time. Our authentication services leverage third-party data and advanced analytics so agencies can better understand the individuals and business entities with whom they interact.

Our specialists provide data expertise and analytical insights to meet your needs as you work to prevent income tax fraud, government services fraud, grant fraud, identity theft and more.

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Detect fraud with greater precision

Quickly detect and mitigate fraud risk to reduce fraud losses with deeper understanding of risk factors and greater insights into citizen identities.

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Gain a consolidated view of fraud risk 

Better understand the risk of identity theft, data theft, tax fraud, services fraud, and more associated with each citizen interaction.

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Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Leverage automated fraud reviews to reduce manual work, creating a seamless experience for citizens and freeing up resources to focus on situations that require human intervention.

Fraud mitigation for government agencies

Stop bad actors attempting identity theft, tax fraud, government assistance fraud and more


Featured solution

CrossCore Identity Proofing

Provide citizens with a safe, easy, and automatic way to apply for services online while minimizing fraud risk and enhancing the end user experience.


Experian’s CrossCore® platform is recognized as NIST 800-63 IAL2 certified by Kantara Initiative.


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