Using big data solutions and insights to solve real life challenges

Analytics and insights to solve your business problems

At Experian, we believe the right data analyzed by the best people leads to actionable insights that power opportunities for our client partners and their customers.

Combining comprehensive data built on the most robust technology platform with our leading-edge approach to innovation delivers growth, profitability and an enriched customer experience like never before.

Our Data

Experian boasts the industry’s premier credit database with information and insights on 245 million credit-active consumers, all with the highest data accuracy rates.

Your Data

Drive new client acquisition, risk evaluation, account management and the right offers at the right time by combining the power of your own data with ours.

Consumer-Permissioned Data

Layer consumer-permissioned data through account aggregation to get a real-time view of consumers’ financial health, for faster, more accurate decisioning.

Alternative Data

Incorporate new data, from alternative financing to rental and utility payments for a more holistic view of consumers, including the 62 million consumers on file.

The value of Big Data isn’t simply amassing huge amounts of information, but extracting actionable insights through deep analysis of that data. At Experian, we are constantly developing new innovation assets to help our partners understand, respond and leverage their data faster and more effectively.

Innovation assets

Experian DataLab

Experian DataLab

Fueled by an interdisciplinary team of data scientists and applied research practitioners with expertise in advanced analytics, statistical methods, and machine learning, Experian’s global network of DataLabs helps businesses solve strategic marketing and risk-management problems through an advanced data analysis process, research and development.

Ascend Analytical Sandbox

Ascend Analytical Sandbox

The Analytical Sandbox is the first product built on Experian’s groundbreaking technology platform, Ascend. A best-in-class analytics environment with enterprise-wide impact, the Sandbox provides easy access to real-time consumer data and analytics tools for actionable risk modeling and strategy development.

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