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Arm yourself with powerful data for faster, more accurate reimbursement 

Optimizing reimbursement collection from payers, patients, and payers simultaneously is key. That is why having the right tools makes all the difference. Our award-winning, patented eCare NEXT® platform is designed to create a more efficient, accurate, and productive user and patient experience. 

Our solutions provide you with the accurate data you need to collect more from patients before service, provide patients with self-service tools, submit clean claims for efficient reimbursement, negotiate better payer contract terms, and effectively collect self-pay balances.

Experian Health is ready to arm you with:

eCare NEXT®

Automate manual patient access processes, including orders, registration, and financial clearance, using a single, integrated platform, eCare NEXT. 

Patient Estimates

A user-friendly, web-based pricing transparency tool for physicians that creates accurate estimates of authorized services for patients before or at the point-of-service.

Contract Manager and Analysis for medical groups

Verify your organization is getting the payer revenue it is due. Continuously audit payer contract performance so you’re assured your collections align with negotiated terms.


PaymentSafe simplifies what was once a cumbersome, disjointed collection process by automatically incorporating data gathered throughout the revenue cycle.

Coverage Discovery®

Coverage Discovery finds coverage patients didn’t know they had, prevents financial hardship, and helps balance your bottom line.


ClaimSource ensures all claims are clean before submission to a government or commercial payer.

Claim Scrubber

Medical groups devote thousands of dollars per physician per year to interactions with payers—many are the direct result of denied claims. Submit clean claims every time.

Passport Medical Necessity

Seamlessly and automatically checks patient orders against payer rules for medical necessity, frequency, duplication, modifiers, and more.

Payer Alerts

Timely alerts provide immediate access to changes posted on more than 50,000 web pages by more than 725 payers.

Collections Optimization Manager

Segment and prioritize past due patient accounts—and optimize collections.

Enhanced Claim Status

Eliminate manual follow-up tasks and respond early and accurately to pended, returned-to-provider, denied, or zero-pay transactions before the Electronic Remittance Advice and Explanation of Benefits are processed.

Patient Financial Clearance

Patient Financial Clearance determines which patients are likely to pay and connects those that potentially qualify for financial assistance with the right programs. Now you can recommend the appropriate financial pathway for every patient, in real-time.   


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