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As patient responsibility in paying for healthcare has increased, health organizations must optimize reimbursement collection from patients and payers simultaneously. Dwindling reimbursement from patient and payer revenue streams can equally impact an organization’s capital budget and resource allocation, as it limits the ability to repair equipment, enhance facilities, or invest in state-of-the-art technology that could improve clinical outcomes and accelerate revenue cycles.

Closing the gap in payer contracts and reimbursement allows organizations to focus on providing transparent cost estimates throughout every patient’s continuum of care. This process helps patients understand their costs and be better prepared to pay for them.

Claims Clearinghouse

Intelligently exchange data with providers and payers. Clinical Data Clearinghouse moves key data among healthcare entities, using the intelligence and flexibility of its hub to overcome the issues which have been keeping the industry from achieving the goals of interoperability.


Manage claims, payments, denials—and prioritize high-impact accounts—for better efficiency and more revenue.

Enhanced Claim Status

Improve cash flow by monitoring claim status early in the adjudication process.

Denials Workflow Manager

Efficiently manage denials—and analyze remittance detail—to maximize payer reimbursement.


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