Greg Young, Senior Director Marketing, and Roger Johnson, VP of Payer Solutions at Experian Health, discuss the No Surprises Act and how it will impact payers and providers.

Today's healthcare consumers demand control over their patient journey.

We've all seen this evolution from the need for transparent pricing for services to eliminating surprise medical bills and balance billing. Is your organization doing everything you can to meet regulation requirements and improve the patient experience?

Learn more about how the Experian Health team can help you and your organization navigate the landscape and implement solutions that offer transparent, patient-friendly estimates.

Experian Health solutions to help drive regulatory strategies

Patient Estimates

User-friendly, web-based estimates of authorized services for patients before or at the point-of-service.

Patient Financial Advisor

Text-to-mobile experience, delivering estimated patient responsibility and payment options for patient services.

Coverage Discovery ®

Maximize reimbursements by finding previously unidentified or forgotten coverage options.

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Experian Health and Cleverley + Associates have a strategic partnership to assist hospitals in completing a comprehensive machine-readable file in support of the CMS Price Transparency Final Rule.

The No Surprises Act: Q&A with an expert

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