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The importance of data quality in healthcare

Today, the amount of data being collected in the healthcare universe is greater than any other industry, but it all means nothing if the identity of your patients is compromised, or cannot be matched and managed appropriately.  We know your patients and we have the ability to match their health records across multiple providers and different departments and systems.

With Experian’s data insights, we can make sure you have a single, accurate, current view of who your patient is – the “golden record.” We take this role seriously, and therefore protect the portals and other applications you place in patients’ hands to access sensitive information. Medical records contain some of the most sensitive personal information, so we safeguard it with the strongest security that exists.

Data verification solutions

Identity Verification

Do you know who’s standing in front of your registration desk? Experian’s advanced medical insurance verification corrects patient data during intake by instantly comparing it against our robust database. Avoid manually updating their address or insurance carrier—which can change every year.

Return Mail

Leverage multiple data sources, including Experian Health’s financial and demographic data, to aggressively search for the right address and ensure it meets USPS formatting standards. Reduce time-consuming, manual processes that use inexact searches and unreliable public data.

How we help with data quality issues in healthcare

Bad addresses wreak havoc on your revenue cycle: When statements end up in the wrong place, your cash flow suffers. When patient addresses are inaccurate, your invoices don’t get to your patients. Experian Health’s Return Mail corrects bad addresses returned as undeliverable by the U.S. Postal Service®, so you can avoid associated payment delays.

Enrich patient identities

Layer in consumer marketing data to better understand patient's interests and drive effective marketing strategies with originally-sourced compiled data. 

Resolve data entry errors

Even when an address is verified by your patient access staff, the information may have been entered incorrectly. If that’s the case, when the mail is returned, our solutions correct the error and update the entry for future accuracy.

Improve patient collections

The cost of the solution is offset with the first batch of corrections. Invoices are processed quickly and AR days are reduced. Experian is a nonexclusive full-service provider licensee of the United States Postal Service®. 

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