Chris Wild, Senior Director of Consumer Engagement Solutions, explains how ConsumerView data can drive marketing results through customer segmentation, targeted messaging and analytics.

Deliver personalized healthcare to patients 

Today’s consumers are the center of the healthcare transformation. With the rise of consumerism, it is imperative that healthcare brands understand their patients and members are also consumers who want a personalized experience.

By leveraging Experian Health’s consumer marketing data, healthcare brands can better understand their patients and appeal to their lifestyles and interests. Our consumer healthcare marketing data utilizes lifestyle, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data from the highest quality sources to ensure your business is compliant with consumer privacy regulations. Our consumer marketing data provides the coverage you need to prospect new target audiences and deliver rich insights to engage patients— insights that are unmatched by custom research and panel data offerings. 

Enable healthcare marketing analytics with originally-sourced compiled data

Enriching your patient and member rosters with Experian Health insights on 300M US consumers can lead to powerful analytics that increase operational efficiencies and deepen patient relationships and satisfaction. Experian Health has the richest consumer data assets available to help your healthcare organization answer important questions, such as:

Which patients have the highest propensity to pay and how can you find more of them?

What are patterns in patient behavior that increase or decrease operational efficiencies?

How can knowing the lifestyles, life events, interests and preferences about patients in my billing cycle be helpful for more efficient and effective collections interventions?

Strategic healthcare marketing across your organization

Consumer demographic data on 98% of US adults to drive impactful decisions.

Healthcare Marketing Analytics

High-performing consumer marketing data to add lift to current and new models

Marketing Leaders

Prospect and grow your organization's market footprint and acquire more patients

Financial Leaders

Find better ways to communicate with patients in the billing cycle 

Learn more about our offerings

Inform your marketing message and channel preference with our ConsumerView℠ solution for prospecting, segmentation, and profile reports. Gain access to lifestyle insights that make internal segmentation easy and targeting like-customers possible in any media channel.

ConsumerView for Marketing

Leverage hundreds of consumer audiences and insights to reach new customers with content that resonates and engages.

ConsumerView for Analytics

Tap into an analytical fuel that powers high-performing models and provides predictive data for customer segmentation.

Profile report

Looking for an insight summary of your customers?  This solution is a great way to understand key demographics and psychographics of your customers.

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