Patient Financial Clearance

Automate your patient financial assistance with Experian’s robust data

Andrew Pederson, Director, Patient Financial Experience at University of Colorado Health, talks about how Patient Financial Clearance automated their financial assistance process and empowered their staff to be more efficient.

It is estimated that around 41% of Americans face medical debti -- a situation compounded by high out-of-pocket costs and rising co-pays. Many patients are unaware of the various financial assistance they can access for their healthcare costs and are unsure about how to navigate this process. 

This is where Patient Financial Clearance comes in. Patient Financial Clearance determines which patients are likely to pay and connects those that potentially qualify for financial assistance with the right programs. Ensure health equity for patients and assist staff with automated screening utilizing Experian’s comprehensive data and analytics.

How Eskenazi Health boosted Medicaid charity approvals by 111% with financial aid automation

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Join our session to understand how to empower your staff to accurately and compassionately provide financial assistance based on unique patient financial situations.

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UCHealth writes off $26 million in charity care by automating financial assistance process.

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Key features and benefits

Provide empathetic financial counseling


Leverage Experian’s data to connect patients with relevant assistance programs, auto-enroll them, and establish tailored payment plans based on their unique financial situation.

Empower patients to complete and submit their applications electronically

With our Self-Service Patient Financial Clearance feature, patients can complete their applications on their smartphones or on your website. This accelerates approvals and frees up staff time for more complex tasks.

Optimize your Medicaid workflow


Access custom screening process in the eCare NEXT® platform to manage the Medicaid enrollment workflow efficiently.

Better screen patients to increase collections

Screen patients efficiently based on Experian’s data-driven segmentation models. Identify high-value collection opportunities, boost revenue and cut collection costs.

Automate your financial assistance process

Replace manual processes with automated work queues to precisely identify eligible patients for financial assistance aid.

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Stephanie Williams, who leads Patient Access Services at Eskenazi Health, talks about how their organization teamed up with Experian Health to streamline the financial assistance process through Patient Financial Clearance automation.

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i Medical debt can be ‘a bit of a surprise,’ expert says — and 21% who have it owe $5,000 or more. March 2023 – CNBC.