Schneck Medical Center has been able to double their pre-registration productivity on a daily basis and re-purpose labor to other areas of patient access.

How do you concurrently improve the patient experience and operational efficiencies during the registration process?

Streamline patient intake and improve registration data accuracy with digitally enabled, patient-facing solutions and touchless QA processing.

Using real-time, automated registration support and consumer-oriented mobile experiences – that’s how.

Whether you are looking to offer patient experiences that rival the best consumer experiences seen in other industries or you are looking for tools to improve your front office’s intake operations and data accuracy, Experian Health can help.

Discover the benefits of streamlining your patient intake process

Patient experience

  • Patient-centered mobile-enabled registration
  • Higher level of patient account accuracy
  • Happy patients make for loyal customers

Data integrity

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feeds patient data into registration forms and EMR/PM systems
  • Identify registration inaccuracies for quality assurance
  • Real-time feedback gives patients the opportunity to self-correct issues and your staff opportunities to hone their intake skills

Operational and revenue efficiencies

  • Accelerate payments with accurate insurance information
  • High quality intake can reduce denials downstream
  • Know where to focus process improvements and training

Banner Health

Becky Peters, Executive Director of Patient Access at Banner Health, talks about streamlining the patient registration process and improving patient access with pre-care estimates.

Learn more about our patient intake solutions

Registration Accelerator

Offer a contemporary mobile intake experience to your patients, while also reducing data errors, administrative overhead, and no-shows. Accelerate patient payments and use your own registration forms to meet your specific needs.

Registration QA

Automatically drive registration data accuracy on the front-end to prevent claims denials and rework on the back-end. Proactively eliminate mistakes that cause your organization costly resources and delays in your revenue cycle.

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