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Data and analytics across the revenue cycle

The right data and analytics can deepen your understanding of your patients, strengthen your operations, and improve your revenue, helping you find the best opportunities for targeted interventions.

But if you don’t have access to data — including revenue cycle transaction information and a patient’s propensity to pay — how can you deliver better outcomes and drive higher efficiency?

Our solutions are anchored and powered by our data analytics foundation, which enables our clients to empower their healthcare organizations today and tomorrow.

Read more about how you can use them to drive results anywhere in your revenue cycle.

Identify revenue opportunities

Improve operational efficiencies across your revenue cycle by gaining visibility into meaningful insights and payer denial trends.

Create custom workflows

Integrate your existing revenue cycle platforms and tools with ours. Improve workflows, individual performance, and financial results using your unique processes.

Break down data silos

Compile your data streams into a single thread to identify operational and financial challenges and opportunities. Use dashboards and reports to create executive-level comparisons and analyses that help you take action.

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How Power Reporting works

Power Reporting provides easy access to actionable and insightful data. Identify pockets of opportunity and ensure revenue integrity with curated, summary-level trend reporting.

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Data-driven technology drives patient collections

See how self-service portals and payment plan alerts are improving workflows, reducing administrative burden, and facilitating more strategic patient collections.

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Data-driven revenue cycle

Changing regulations and reimbursement pressures are forcing revenue cycle leaders to prioritize efficiency. Read how they’re using data and technology to maximize net revenue and lower operating costs.

Healthcare data analytics resources

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How data-driven technology can reduce surprise billing

With 56% of Americans saying they wouldn’t be able to afford an unexpected bill over $1,000, it’s more important than ever to provide patients with accurate, up-to-date cost estimates.

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How to add transparency to your billing process

We know transparent pricing builds a better patient experience. But how do you start implementing it? Here are three steps to consider.

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6 reasons healthcare claim denials are increasing

In our 2022 State of Claims report, 62% of survey respondents who said that denials were increasing also reported they did not have sufficient data and analytics technology to identify submission issues.

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Why (and how) providers should find missing health insurance for patients

Hint: It starts with finding the right data. Here’s how we can help.

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Decrease denials, payment delays, and risk of bad debt with instant insurance coverage verification.


Reduce denials with automated claims management and expert services.

Contract Manager and Contract Analysis

Learn how proposed contracts with payers will affect your revenue—before you sign.

Patient Financial Clearance

Determine which patients are likely to pay, and connect those who potentially qualify for financial assistance with the right programs.

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