Data and Analytics

Harness the full potential of big data in your healthcare universe

The sheer volume of healthcare data is growing at an astronomical rate. The challenge becomes how to channel it.

What does your data reveal? What data must you acquire? What types of data should be combined?

Experian Health is squarely positioned to deliver the insights you need with its unmatched data sets and analytical platforms.

Big data is helping every industry become more efficient and productive. Healthcare is no exception. Are you ready? 

Explore our data and analytics platforms

Optimize Revenue Cycle

Access to Experian Health’s vast product workflow data and revenue cycle transactions means you can immediately compare your facility’s operations and processes again industry peers. Identify operational and financial challenges with real-time analytics to improve workflows, individual performance and overall results.

Leverage Consumer Data

Tap into healthcare, credit, marketing and lifestyle data to gain the latest intel surrounding today’s healthcare consumer. By utilizing Experian’s robust platforms and data assets, you can build stronger customer/patient relationships and enhance your business results.

With Experian Health, you gain visibility into:

Eligibility and benefit data

Address and identity data

Claims data

Remit and payment data

Credit data

Demographic data

Household data

Lifestyle and interest data

Dad with baby

Social determinants of health account for up to 80 percent of health outcomes

What if you had the ability to flag patients who are at risk of readmission due to factors outside their medical conditions? The right data can help fuel positive health outcomes for your patients.

Non-medical characteristics of patients that lead to health outcomes:   

  • Patient access to care
  • Food insecurities
  • Housing situation 

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