Healthcare Data Analytics

Boost your financial performance with the right data tools

Overwhelmed by data: Simplifying analysis for busy healthcare teams

Unlock the power of data and analytics to deepen your understanding of patients, enhance operations and boost revenue. Without access to crucial data, including revenue cycle transaction details and patient payment tendencies, achieving better outcomes and efficiency becomes challenging.

Our data analytics solutions can help you

Monitor your revenue cycle operations - continuously

Get the data stories you need to track and optimize operations

Access to raw data faster

Find a more efficient way to get your raw csv file on a cadence

Coordinate care for at-risk patients

Close care gaps with solutions to help at-risk patients

Find your right target audience

Get a 360o view of your prospects and their patterns

Our suite of solutions

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Power Reporting

  • Analyze revenue streams with intuitive dashboards, highlighting potential revenue leakage.

  • Get up-to-speed quickly; no programming experience required.

  • Receive this free solution with Experian Health product bundles to gain actionable insights.

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Power Data™

  • Automate the effortless delivery of raw data to your enterprise data warehouse.

  • Reduce manual overhead and introduce automated monitoring for secure data exchange. 

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Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

  • Coordinate care for at-risk patients by addressing barriers hindering access to care.

  • Improve care quality metrics and reduce negative health outcomes driven by SDOH. 

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Consumer View℠

  • Access a 360-degree view of patients and consumers for targeted marketing strategies.

  • Leverage hundreds of consumer audiences and insights to reach new customers with content that resonates and engages. 

  • Fuel your data models and analytical capabilities with originally-sourced Experian data.

Discover how you can elevate your healthcare data management and drive success across your organization

Healthcare data analytics resources

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How data-driven technology can reduce surprise billing

With the ability to be applied across many different areas – from disease prediction to claims management and administrative tasks – data and analytics in healthcare is booming

medical practitioners looking at a computer screen

Prevent surprise billing with data and technology

Nearly a quarter of patients have received a surprise medical bill, according to new data from Experian Health and PYMNTS. 4 in 10 patients said they ended up spending more on healthcare than they could afford, with the average surprise bill amounting to $675. 

doctor holding a tablet while talking with patient

Healthcare data: the value of historical patient data

Is this “old” healthcare data still useful? How can healthcare organizations ensure that their decisions and strategies are based only on the most relevant data?

nurse and patient looking at tablet

Using social determinants data to improve value-based care

Despite a commitment to improving care quality and patient experiences, the healthcare industry still struggles to influence the factors that have the greatest impact on patient outcomes – the social determinants of health (SDOH).

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