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Unmatched, originally sourced healthcare and consumer data

Heather Grover, VP of Product Management, explains how the right data insights can drive optimal patient collections while removing friction from the payment process.

Improve your revenue cycle, patient outreach, and marketing strategies with data-driven technology.

The sheer volume of healthcare data is growing at an astronomical rate. Do you have the data and insights needed to deliver better outcomes, service your community, and drive business efficiencies? Are you doing everything you can to protect your organization and patient data?

There is mounting pressure for healthcare organizations to deliver better outcomes while minimizing operational costs. Do more with less, but don’t forget to also develop long-standing, personal relationships with your consumer-patients. Fold in disruptive technologies and the general consumerization of health, and the message for healthcare is clear: transform now or become irrelevant.

Partner with Experian Health to deliver the insights you need with unmatched data sets and analytic platforms.


The best quality of data - healthcare data, credit bureau data, marketing services data


Game-changing gains in intel and insight


Packaged data within existing healthcare systems’ workflows

Leverage trusted, originally sourced, compiled data and analytics to answer the toughest questions your organization is facing with confidence.

Access 1500+ demographic attributes on over 300 million consumers and 126 million households. Leverage our unique patient identifiers that account for 100% of the US population or around 330M people.

Who are my patients and how should I communicate with them?

Tap into healthcare, credit, marketing and lifestyle data to gain the latest intel surrounding today’s healthcare consumer. Take the guesswork out of your approach and tailor your services and messages to individual patients. 

How can I acquire more patients in my community?

Use reliable demographic data to focus your marketing efforts, expand your markets, or even decide where to build your next great location in your community. 

How can my organization start to proactively address social determinants of health?

Use social determinants of health data to implement proactive strategies that will ultimately improve your community’s health outcomes and quality of care, while maximizing reimbursements. 

How can I prioritize and maximize my collections efforts?

With advanced analytics and data, you can segment a patient’s propensity to pay, accurately prioritize accounts for outreach, and offer effective payment plans that will increase recoveries and result in less write-offs for your organization. 

Can I accurately match patient records across systems for interoperability?

Identify patients and match records within and across disparate healthcare organizations, facilitating information exchange within and across the healthcare ecosystem to create a unique patient identifier.

How can I optimize my revenue cycle?

Compare your facility’s operations and processes against industry peers. Identify operational and financial challenges with real-time analytics to improve workflows, individual performance and overall results.

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