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An automated workflow makes patient access predictable

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Client Video: Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital

By integrating eCare NEXT within Cerner, MLKCH has streamlined their registration process and takes off two to three minutes on more than half of their registrations.

 As healthcare becomes more competitive, ensuring streamlined operations within your organization is key. Devoting time and resources to manual patient access tasks, not only costs more, it also takes away from opportunities to enhance the overall patient experience.

Fortunately, countless tasks — scheduling, preregistration, registration, and admissions — are no longer paper-based and don’t require nearly as much hands-on involvement as they used to.

An automated, data driven workflow that incorporates outside data into the registration process can eliminate the mistakes that cost your organization money and waste your staff’s time. Identify demographic and insurance errors while ensuring registration accuracy in real-time. Prioritize accounts, so you can manage the patient arrival process by measuring patient wait times.

Engage your patients at the point of service—and reduce risk, increase collections and boost satisfaction levels.

eCare NEXT®

Automate manual patient access processes, including orders, registration, and financial clearance, using a single, integrated platform, eCare NEXT. 

Passport Eligibility

Simplifiy insurance verification using search optimization functionality and data enrichment intelligence. 

Coverage Discovery®

Find previously unidentified coverage and reduce bad debt. 

Identity Verification

Correct patient data during intake by instantly comparing it against our robust database. 

Registration QA

Improve registration accuracy in real time.

Patient Estimates

Create accurate estimates of authorized services for patients before or at the point of service.

Passport Authorizations

Access to the most up-to-date prior authorization requirement information in real time.

Passport NOA

Check eligibility and submit payer NOA requirements in a single solution from the same workflow

Passport Medical Necessity

Validate clinical orders against payer rules for better claims results.


Manage patient wait times and alert management when they exceed established quality thresholds.

UIM - Batch

Mitigate matching challenges faced by EMPIs and get higher match performance by having a more complete view of the patient’s identity.

Blessing Health System client success story

Automation and integration are keys to revenue cycle success

Client Video: Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Center

Rachel Papka shares her experience using Experian Health's solutions. Products featured: Passport Eligibility, eCare NEXT, Patient Estimates, Passport Authorizations.


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