Becky Peters, Executive Director of Patient Access at Banner Health, talks about streamlining the patient registration process and improving patient access with pre-care estimates.

Best-in-class solutions to help your organization automate patient access processes every step of the way.

Patient access is the starting point for your entire revenue cycle process. Ensuring correct patient information on the front end reduces the errors that cause rework in the back office. 10 to 20 percent of a health system's revenue is forced to remediate denied medical claims and 30 to 50 percent of those occur during patient access. 

By adopting an automated, data-driven workflow—not only are you reducing the errors that lead to claim denials, you’re also improving access to care for your patients through capabilities like online scheduling options that are available 24x7. Access is further improved by reducing the friction around patient billing by leveraging real-time eligibility verification to deliver accurate patient estimates at registration.

Registration Solutions

Increase staff efficiencies by improving registration accuracy. Correct discrepancies and errors in real time to avoid costly denials and rework.

Perform prior authorization with up-to-date and real-time payer information sources.

Perform identity verification instantly during preregistration and at point of service.

Increase appointment rates by offering patients an online, self-service portal for scheduling.

Mitigate matching challenges faced by EMPIs and get higher match performance by having a more complete view of the patient’s identity.

Deliver text-to-mobile experience for estimated patient responsibility and mobile payment options.

Claims & Insurance

Simplify insurance verification using search optimization functionality and data enrichment intelligence.

Find previously unidentified coverage to reduce bad debt.

Increase financial transparency with patient estimates for authorized services.

Meet notice of care requirements.

Validate clinical orders against payer rules.

Hear from our customers: Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Center

In under 30 seconds SDMIC’s staff can determine if a patient is eligible with the presented insurance. They also leverage automated patient estimates to provide price transparency to patients and accurately collect from patients in real time. 

Hear from our customers: Blessing Health System


Real patient access results recognized:

·         80% increase in Point of Service (POS) collections

·         Clean claim rate increased to 90 percent

·         27% decrease in denials

·         28-day average decrease in gross A/R

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