Reduce denials with automated access solutions

Patient access is the starting point of your revenue cycle process. It accounts for registration, scheduling, gathering insurance information, and collecting co-pays or deductibles.

It’s also where 30% to 50% of denied claims initiate. Manual processes, inaccurate patient information, and lack of real-time insurance verification can increase denials and slow your revenue cycle.

Learn how our integrated solutions reduce errors during patient intake, billing, and collections, freeing your staff from costly rework.


Patient Intake Software

Simplify your intake process for a better patient experience, reduced administrative costs, and higher revenue.

Patient Scheduling Software

Provide 24/7 online scheduling to reduce call times, gaps in care, and time to collect.

Schedule Outreach

Send automated outreach messages to patients, with the ability to self-schedule via IVR or text.

Patient Financial Advisor

Send patients accurate cost estimates and easy payment options so they can financially prepare for their appointment.

Claims and insurance

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Decrease denials, payment delays, and risk of bad debt with instant insurance coverage verification.

Coverage Discovery®

Find previously unidentified coverage and reduce accounts sent to collections, charity, or bad debt.

Patient Estimates

Create accurate, compliant estimates so patients can make informed healthcare decisions.

Experience, automation, and analytics

eCare NEXT®

Automate and revolutionize your revenue cycle workflow with a single, integrated platform.

Authorization solutions

Notice of Care

Automate and integrate payer notifications for admission, observation, and discharge.

Medical Necessity

Automatically validate clinical orders against payer rules to limit denials and stay compliant with regulations.

Prior Authorizations

Streamline operations and increase efficiency with an automated prior authorization management system.

Automation and integration are key to revenue cycle success

Read how Blessing Health System embraced an integrated revenue cycle approach and lowered denials by 27%.

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Experian Health and Banner Health

Learn how Banner Health simplified the patient registration process and improved patient access with pre-care estimates.

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers

Steinberg Diagnostic went from being unable to validate insurance information to seeing patient eligibility within thirty seconds and providing a fully automated estimate for services.

Patient access resources

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