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In the new wave of consumerism, there is a high demand for convenience and transparency in every transaction. Healthcare providers and organizations also face this pressure, but the industry has been slower to transform because patient care transactions are infinitely more complicated than online retail purchases. Despite the slow go, healthcare workflow automation technology and organizations are starting to catch up.

If you’re still devoting time and resources to manual patient access tasks, you’re not only falling behind in the competitive healthcare industry, but you’re also missing an opportunity to enhance the overall patient experience. Fortunately, countless tasks — scheduling, preregistration, registration, and admissions — are no longer paper-based and don’t require nearly as much hands-on involvement as they used to.

Use automation and integration to better engage patients at the point of service—and reduce risk, increase collections and boost satisfaction levels.

Coverage Discovery®

Finding coverage patients didn’t know they had prevents financial hardship and helps balance your bottom line.


Quickly process large patient data files to accelerate reimbursement.

Order Manager

Send, receive and integrate electronic orders and faxes; connect physician offices with hospitals, clinics, labs and other ancillaries.

Hospital Access Management: Anxiety at All-time High in Registration Areas


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