Notice of Care

Automate and integrate payer notifications for admission, observation and discharge.


When providers meet payer requirements in a timely fashion, they can take better care of their patients. However, archaic hands-on processes to get these requirements fulfilled often result in delays, lower reimbursement rates, data errors, and non-compliance.

Payer requirements change constantly. Notice of Care’s single user-friendly interface reduces the burden on your administrative staff by streamlining your workflow and eliminating errors that can occur through manual data entry.

By incorporating notice of admission, observation, and discharge for applicable payers, our solution saves time that otherwise would have been spent on chasing paperwork and lengthy calls to payers. Our solution focuses on gathering and submitting accurate patient information – patient admission, observation, and discharge data – so that you not only stay compliant but also maximize revenue.

Key features and benefits

Automate the payer requirement process

Avoid redundant manual work and data errors by automating your workflow to fulfill your notice of care requirements. Our solution prefills required patient and encounter information to eliminate errors that can occur with manual data entry.

Reduce the risk of delayed reimbursements

Quickly move through the reimbursement process by submitting accurate and timely notice of care requirements enabled by our dynamic and customizable work queues.

Stay compliant

Meet your goal to comply with regulations and requirements by leveraging the in-built worklist that lets you check-off all pending encounters. 

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