Improve patient access productivity, billing efficiencies, reimbursements, and payer performance.

Now more than ever, revenue cycle leaders need to be able to pinpoint operational and financial challenges based on accurate and actionable data insights. The forces driving this need include:

  • Patient responsibility for healthcare spend has increased 32 percent in the last four years. Patient satisfaction and experience is now paramount in order to maintain patient loyalty.
  • 10 to 20 percent of revenue is forced to remediate denied medical claims. 30-50 percent of these denials occur during patient access processes. These denials ultimately end up resulting in a 1-3 percent loss of net revenue for organizations.
  • Providers needing to use data to drive discussions around the timeliness and sufficiency of payer reimbursements.

Break down data siloes and gather dozens of data streams into a single, manageable thread for reporting and analysis. Informative dashboards and drill-down reports deliver executive-level comparisons and trending analysis to present opportunities for process improvement.

What can revenue cycle analytics do for your organization?

Performance management

Provide insight into how well staff is utilizing tools and visibility into organization performance. 

Identify revenue leakage

Analyze revenue streams with intuitive dashboards, highlighting potential revenue leakage. 

Payer insights

Learn how your payers are performing for your organization to drive further payer/provider collaboration.

KPI monitoring

Monitor revenue cycle KPIs around pre-service, POS, post service, and denials for process and financial optimization.

Learn more about Experian Health’s Revenue Cycle Analytics solution

Revenue Cycle Analytics is a web-based business intelligence tool that utilizes Experian Health product data and other standard revenue cycle transaction data sets. Together, this tool offers actionable insights to optimize revenue cycle operational and financial performance. Revenue Cycle Analytics focuses on key areas such as billing efficiencies, reimbursements and payer performance, presenting KPI data in several ways: enterprise performance, industry benchmarking, and trended historical data.


Informative dashboards and drill-down reports to deliver executive-level comparisons and trending analysis.

Best practices

Inclusion of NAHAM and HFMA best practice keys standardized across client base.


Linking of account data across revenue cycle.


Indicators around pre-service, point-of-service, post-service, denials.

Machine learning

Algorithms for predictive reimbursement


Data integration and analytics with other Experian Health solutions.

Revenue cycle analytics resources


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Four ways to use AI and automation in your revenue cycle

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