Protecting against patient portal vulnerabilities and medical identity theft

The focus for most healthcare organizations, now that electronic medical records have been implemented, is centered around online healthcare portals and keeping patient data safe.

Portals give patients convenient access to health information using their personal devices, however these tools can open the doors to criminals who steal—and profit from—sensitive data.  

With medical identities valued at 20-50 times more than financial identities, criminals are increasingly targeting the healthcare industry.

Our tools for healthcare portals provide healthcare organizations with a way to confidently authenticate patients and reduce fraud risk during enrollment. You can now combine state-of-the-art identity proofing, risk-based authentication and knowledge-based questions with industry-leading data sources to help your healthcare organization securely verify each patient’s identity with confidence. We're here to help. 

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Is your patient portal as secure as it should be?

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Automate the patient portal enrollment process, allowing your healthcare organization to remove manual processes and optimize resources while securing patient information and supporting a positive patient experience.

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