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Put security measures in place to keep patients safe. The focus for most healthcare organizations, now that electronic medical records have been implemented, is on online healthcare portals.

The good news is portals give patients convenient access to health information using their personal devices. The bad news? These tools can open the doors to criminals who steal—and profit from—sensitive data.

Your job is to make it easy for patients to get in, and hard for the identity thieves to gain access to sensitive data.

Experian Health’s Precise ID® for healthcare portals provides healthcare organizations with a way to confidently authenticate patients and reduce risk during enrollment. It combines state-of-the-art identity proofing, risk-based authentication and knowledge-based questions with industry-leading data sources to help healthcare organizations securely verify each patient’s identity. Our solution automates the patient portal enrollment process, allowing healthcare organizations to remove manual processes and optimize resources while securing patient information and supporting a positive patient experience.

AdvantageCare Physicians client success story

How they got it all: customer security and convenience

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Precise ID

Empowering healthcare organizations with a way to confidently authenticate patients and reduce risk during enrollment. 

Client Video: AdvantageCare Physicians

AdvantageCare Physicians has reduced overall patient volume to its IT help desk by 25 percent. With password reset issues, that volume has decreased by 75 percent. 

Securing Patient Information & Building Trust in the Era of Digital Healthcare

Identity management challenges facing healthcare organizations, and how Experian Health's solutions can help.


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