Provider Organizations

Optimize your operations and focus on patient care

Data-driven technology

Partnering with over 3,100 hospitals and provider organizations, Experian Health is leading the way in next-generation front and back office management. Powered by our strong heritage and our deep data and analytics capabilities, we are redefining patient intake, claims management, and collections. With Experian Health, we enable your team to focus on patient care—leaving the paperwork to us!

Thrive in the digital age

Hospitals face the difficult challenge of leveraging today’s technology while maintaining a human touch. Experian helps your organization thrive in the age of value-based care and boost financial performance through:

  • Comprehensive patient access
  • Error-free claims preparation
  • Automated billing workflows
  • Robust RCM analytics

Experian Health is ready to arm you with:

Workflow Management

Transform your organization’s business operations by replacing manual and paper-based processes with workflows, automated document generation, and real-time analytics. 

Patient Access

Engage patients at the point-of-service to reduce risk, increase collections, and boost their satisfaction. Learn how we can help you spend more time serving patients.

Patient Intake

Automate registration and patient wait times for a better patient experience by capturing accurate patient information at the time of registration.

Patient Identity

Match, manage, enrich, and protect patient identities from end-to-end with Experian Health. Managing identities is at the heart of Experian and has been for more than 40 years.

Care Management

Support the sharing of post-acute patient care information to help providers succeed in the new era of value-based reimbursement.


Submit cleaner claims, work denials more efficiently, and hold payers accountable while increasing your patient collections.


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