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Patient Access

South Shore Health and Northwell Health

Nicole Ready, Revenue Cycle Systems Manager, at South Shore Health and Michael DiCarlo, Sr. Advisor, Revenue Cycle Operations at Northwell Health, discuss how they deliver better patient experiences with Experian Health's Price Transparency solutions.

Nebraska Methodist Physician's Clinic

Kelsey Haswell, Sr. Director, Business Development and Access at Nebraska Methodist Physician's Clinic and Kevin Carver, VP, Operations and Client Operations at Experian Health, explore the power of partnership and the client success workshop.

University of Colorado Health

Andrew Pederson, Director, Patient Financial Experience at University of Colorado Health, discusses how they partnered with Experian Health to automate processes with Patient Financial Clearance.

Eskenazi Health

Stephanie Williams, Director, Patient Access Services at Eskenazi Health, discusses how their organization partnered with Experian Health to automate the financial assistance process with Patient Financial Clearance.

Banner Health

Becky Peters, Executive Director of Patient Access at Banner Health, talks about streamlining the patient registration process and improving patient access with pre-care estimates.

Banner Medical Group

Ian Jensen, Senior Director of Patient Access Services at Banner Medical Group, discusses partnering with Experian Health to provide patient estimates and keeping in compliance with the No Surprises Act. Patients are getting appropriate estimates faster, and Banner Medical Group has higher engagement scores. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital

By integrating eCare NEXT within Cerner, MLKCH has streamlined their registration process and takes off two to three minutes on more than half of their registrations.

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers

Steinberg Diagnostic Imaging Center uses Experian Health’s eligibility products to validate patient’s and their coverage in under 30 seconds.

Schneck Medical Center

With eCare NEXT and Registration QA, Schneck Medical Center has been able to double their preregistration productivity on a daily basis and re-purpose labor to other areas of patient access.

Payer Reimbursement

Community Medical Centers

Brandon Burnett, VP, Revenue Cycle at Community Medical Centers, shares how their organization partnered with Experian Health to implement AI Advantage, which uses artificial intelligence to prevent and triage claim denials.

Duke Health

Timothy Daye, Director, Managed Care Contracting at Duke Health Integrated Practice, shares how Experian Health's Contract Manager solution helps their organization protect revenue.

University of Iowa Hospitals Clinics

Learn how University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics saved time, money, and headaches by implementing a contract management system that monitors payer compliance with contract terms, value claims, and audit remittances based on the latest payment rules and adjudication logic.

Summit Medical Group Oregon - BMC

As a result of using Enhanced Claim Status, coupled with a few other products from Experian Health, this central Oregon group recognized a 15 percent reduction in both accounts receivable days and volume. The company additionally saw a decrease in denials and now tout a 92 percent primary clean claims rate.

Schneck Medical Center

Learn how Schneck Medical Center gained visibility into their denials in real time and now stays one step ahead of the game.

UCLA Health System 

UCLA Health System Faculty Practice Group has implement Contract Manager and Analysis to, not only recoup $3.5 million dollars in underpayments from payers, but also to catch Medicare overpayments faster to lower their risk of compliance issues.

St. Louis University/SLUCare

SLUCare Physicians utilizes Contract Manager and Analysis so they can be more flexible in their ability to analyze contracts, know what to expect from those contracts, and validate they have been paid the correct amount from their payers. 

Arkansas Health Group

With Contract Manager and Payer Alerts, Arkansas Health has been able to see how much money they’ve been leaving on the table. 

Northwell Health

From 2013 to 2017, Northwell Health has reduced their denials 50 percent by using Experian Health’s Claim Scrubber.

Patient Collections

Luminis Health

Hear how Coverage Discovery helps Luminis Health find patients' missing primary and even secondary insurance coverage, while eliminating manual processes and reducing bad debt.

Wooster Community Hospital Health System

Coverage Discovery helps their organization find previously undisclosed insurance coverage, optimized their collections process and helps hold Payers accountable to meet service levels. 

Stanford Health Care

Collections Optimization Manager helps Stanford Health Care reduce their cost to collect through managing vendor performance efficiently, automating assignment to bad debt and identifying uncollectable accounts in their AR.

UC San Diego Health

Learn how UC San Diego Health uses automation to optimize patient collections and improve the patient experience. Experian Health provides important bandwidth for internal teams to work more complicated cases that need human interaction. 

Advocate Aurora Healthcare

Collections Optimization Manager enabled Advocate Aurora Healthcare to compare internal collections performance with the performance of outside agencies. The Collections team could now reduce 20 agencies to only four agencies that had the best performance. Each year, Advocate Aurora Healthcare has achieved double-digit increases in patient collections.

El Camino Hospital

Experian Health teamed up with El Camino to debut a self-service portal, allowing patients to access and manage a greater amount of data while still making account management, e-payment, eligibility, estimates, and billing information available.

Patient Scheduling

West Tennessee Healthcare

Anthony Myers, Director of Patient Access at West Tennessee Healthcare, shares how their organization worked with Experian Health to accelerate and create a better registration process with Registration Accelerator.

Heritage Medical Associates

Heritage Medical Associates established a team of patient liaisons and equipped them with Experian Health's web-based scheduling solution. Call center operations were vastly improved by guiding patients to the right care accurately and efficiently.

HCA Healthcare

Experian Health's Patient Schedule solution improves HCA Healthcare's patient experience by offering appointments through multiple access points, specifying appointment types, and more. 35% of scheduling is now done during nights and weekends.

CareMount Medical

CareMount Medical discusses how they implemented online patient scheduling as a part of their 24/7 access initiative, enabling real-time scheduling access across all of their providers and specialties.

Milwaukee Health Care Partnership

Experian Health's scheduling solution enables ED patients to schedule a primary care follow-up visit in 7 to 10 days and Milwaukee Health Care Partnership has seen a 44% reduction in readmissions for those who attended their primary care visits.