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Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital

By integrating eCare NEXT within Cerner, MLKCH has streamlined their registration process and reduced more than half of their registrations by two to three minutes.

UCLA Health System 

UCLA Health System Faculty Practice Group has implement Contract Manager and Analysis to, not only recoup $3.5 million dollars in underpayments from payers, but also to catch Medicare overpayments faster to lower their risk of compliance issues.

Case Studies

Baylor College of Medicine

Recovered $4.2 million in additional revenue; systematic payment errors corrected; improved negotiating position with payers; and higher patient collections at the time of service.

Featured solutions:

  • Contract Manager and Contract Analysis
  • Patient Estimates

Emory Healthcare

Increased financial counseling collections to $5 million annually; patient bad debt trimmed to just 1.1 percent of total charges.

Featured solutions:

  • Contract Manager and Contract Analysis 
  • Financial Assistance Manager
  • Eligibility
  • Patient Estimates

Sanford Health

Collections Optimization Manager contributed to in-house patient collection lift by over $40 million since first implementation.

Featured solution:

  • Collections Optimization Manager


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