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Don’t let staffing shortages derail your collections efforts!

Join us live: Wed, Dec 6, 2023 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Discover how St. Luke's University Health Network (SLUHN) achieved a 22% uplift in self-pay collections - amounting to $7.8M - with automated processes during a staffing shortage.

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Stabilizing your revenue cycle with a patient-centric focus

Hear from Yale New Haven Health, ranked among the top U.S. hospitals by U.S. News and World Report, and their response to stabilize collections, ramp up telehealth and swiftly optimize its virtual business office without interruptions in the billing life cycle.


The road to price transparency in healthcare

We dive into the hot topic of price transparency in healthcare, the upcoming OPPS Price Transparency Final Rule (CMS-1717-F2), and how to solve for the shoppable services portion of the mandate. We’ll additionally offer insights into how Silver Cross Hospital is embracing price transparency.


How Salem Health improved portal access for virtual care amid Covid-19

In today’s environment, you need a multi-layered, multi-solution approach to protect patient access in the online healthcare environment. In this 30-minute webinar, Salem Health shares how they fast tracked their implementation of Precise ID® for healthcare portals to accelerate portal access for their virtual care visits during Covid-19.

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How to Improve Patient Access with 24/7 Connectivity

Explore CareMount Medical’s journey to implement and leverage digital engagement strategies, including online self-scheduling that provides patients with 24/7 access to the best match provider and appointment slots based on their care needs.


Supercharged payment velocity

Co-sponsored webinar with Becker’s Hospital Review. Hear how Yale New Haven leveraged the automation capabilities of Enhanced Claim Status to improve payment velocity by reducing the average amount of follow-up days in work queues and overall accounts qualifying for follow-up review.


Patient collection strategies in an economic downturn

In this webinar, we explore how Sanford Health acted swiftly in the wake of the pandemic to successfully transition call center representatives remotely to continue their collections efforts, enabled leadership to connect with patients in COVID-affected areas, and more. 

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How OrthoTennessee achieves scale managing payer contract appeals

Hear how OrthoTennessee's Manager of Payer Strategy has achieved scale supporting 400k+ annual patients and 50+ physicians and collects hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from payers with tenacity, an eye on efficiency, and Contract Manager. 


Unpacking the No Surprises Act

The No Surprises Act adopts a comprehensive approach to protecting consumers from surprise medical bills, and is expected to create major process changes for payers and providers to make the vision a reality. Hear from a leading consultant focused on assisting healthcare providers with regulatory interpretation and implementation of the No Surprises Act.

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Diving deeper into the intricacies of the No Surprises Act

We’ve discovered there are MANY questions surrounding this piece of regulation, so we’ve pulled in an industry expert to address the most common topics and field Q&A live. In this 60-minute webinar, hear from  Stanley Nachimson, who is focused on assisting healthcare providers, vendors, and plans with regulatory interpretation and implementation. 

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Medicaid coverage at risk

Are you worried about your patients losing Medicaid coverage during the redetermination process? Neither patient nor the provider wants to be left holding bills that could have been otherwise covered once the Medicaid continuous enrollment period ends. We understand those concerns and want to help.

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Claims Management of the Future. Today.

Hear from Community Regional Medical (Fresno) and Schneck Medical Center as they discuss how using artificial intelligence tools before claims submission and upon receiving denials has helped their organizations decrease denials and save staff time.

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Streamlining your revenue cycle by focusing on collections efficiency and automation

In this 60-minute webinar you'll hear from Novant Health, a recent CMS Health Equity Award winner, and how they balance efficiency and automation while maintaining a focus on the patient financial experience.

Upgrading your collections game to enhance the patient financial experience

Hear from UC San Diego Health’s leader of Patient Revenue Cycle on the actions they’ve taken to tackle collections and catapult results. Understand their tech transformation to tackle segmentation, enhance collections and improve the patient experience and gain a first-hand look at their KPIs and timeline to success.

Achieve better care management by addressing the social determinants of health

This on-demand webinar focuses on how organizations are approaching SDOH to improve health outcomes for patients and members, while enriching their experiences and lowering costs of care. Key topics include: sourcing SDOH data and privacy guidelines, optimizing engagement strategies, and best practices around operationalization. 

You can book flights online - why not medical appointments?

Access this webinar to learn how using an online, data-driven scheduling platform enables patients to schedule appointments online—improving patient access by fostering the integration and communication to make sure both patients and providers have a better care experience. 

Take a patient-centered approach to collections

Learn how to balance your most important priorities, along with the key criteria needed to achieve the expertise to effectively collect patients’ increasing share of healthcare costs—while saving staff time and expense, and maintaining the patient/provider relationship.

Patient identification – The challenges healthcare leaders and the industry are facing today

Dr. Gettinger has extensive experience in the field of health information technology. He led the development of an electronic health record (EHR) system at Dartmouth and subsequently was the senior physician leader during Dartmouth’s transition to a vendor-based EHR. 

How to better engage patients in the age of consumerism

Patients are paying more out of pocket, so they’re shopping around and being pickier about where they go for care. They want to be more involved in their care and manage their accounts online as they do with everything else.