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How to better engage patients in the age of consumerism

Patients are paying more out of pocket, so they’re shopping around and being pickier about where they go for care. They want to be more involved in their care and manage their accounts online as they do with everything else. 

The importance of proactive agency management within the revenue cycle

Join us to learn about the risks associated with agencies, provide a foundational understanding of regulations that apply to agencies and hear the Stan Salwei, Director of Revenue Cycle at Altru Health System discuss why it is important to proactively manage your risk.

Experian Health to help providers with consumerism at HFMA

Kristen Simmons, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Innovation, Consumer Experience, and Marketing, with Experian Health, chatted with Joe Lavelle of IntrepidNOW to provide her insights on the 2018 HFMA ANI conference and consumerism in healthcare.

On-Demand Webinars

Managing revenues in a value based care environment

Greg Caressi, Senior Vice President, Transformational Health of Frost & Sullivan discusses how a successful transition to value-based care will become your hospital’s competitive advantage. Is your revenue cycle management prepared for this transition?

A complete prescription for optimizing payer and patient collections

In this AMGA webinar, experts from Sanford Health discuss how medical group and health system leaders can incorporate data-driven workflow solutions into their revenue cycle to centrally manage and monitor every aspect of payer reimbursement, as well as reduce the cost to collect from patient accounts. 

You can book flights online - why not medical appointments?

Access this webinar to learn how using an online, data-driven scheduling platform enables patients to schedule appointments online—improving patient access by fostering the integration and communication to make sure both patients and providers have a better care experience. 

Take a patient-centered approach to collections

Learn how to balance your most important priorities, along with the key criteria needed to achieve the expertise to effectively collect patients’ increasing share of healthcare costs—while saving staff time and expense, and maintaining the patient/provider relationship.

The importance of managing and protecting patient identities (NAHAM-hosted event)

Protecting patient identities is a goal and challenge that all healthcare organizations face on a daily basis. The complexity of managing these patient identities increases as healthcare systems are exchanging data, as does the challenge of protecting patient identities with the number of users and devices accessing sensitive patient information grows.

Patient identification – The challenges healthcare leaders and the industry are facing today

Dr. Gettinger has extensive experience in the field of health information technology. He led the development of an electronic health record (EHR) system at Dartmouth and subsequently was the senior physician leader during Dartmouth’s transition to a vendor-based EHR.