Discover how modern strategies are transforming revenue cycles and conquering denials in 2024.

Experian Health's latest acquisition unlocks efficiency, simplifying crucial healthcare processes.

Join industry experts Jason Considine, Chief Commercial Officer at Experian Health, and Jordan Levitt, President and CEO at WaveHDC, as they unveil innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues in healthcare.

In this on-demand webinar we will delve into strategies that propel success:

  • Overcome Denials: Master proven strategies to navigate and conquer claim denials head-on
  • Address Staffing Shortages: Discover innovative approaches to tackle staffing shortages, ensuring operational excellence.
  • Navigate Shrinking Profit Margins: Learn tactical insights to navigate and thrive in the face of shrinking profit margins.
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Picture of CCO Jason Considine

Jason Considine

Chief Commercial Officer at Experian Health

Jason is responsible for leading the sales, marketing, and business and corporate development units. 


Jason joined Experian Health in 2011 via the acquisition of Medical Present Value, Inc., and has served as Experian Health’s Chief Business Development Officer, Senior Vice President; General Manager of Patient Access, Collections, and Engagement; and Vice President of Sales and Business Development.


Prior to joining Experian Health, Jason held sales and sales leadership positions at Medical Present Value, Sage Healthcare, Emdeon Practice Services, and WebMD Practice Services.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Christian University.

Picture of CEO and Co-Founder of Wave HDC Jordan Levitt

Jordan Levitt

President and CEO of Wave HDC

Jordan's illustrious career in healthcare spans over 20 years, starting as a consultant for the Big 4, specializing in healthcare strategy and transformation for payer and provider markets, including revenue cycle management initiatives. His shift to boutique consultancies granted him immersive client engagements, providing invaluable insights. Jordan's subsequent work with credit bureaus and national clearinghouses showcased innovative data mining and curation techniques, establishing him as an industry leader.


Over the last decade, Jordan focused on healthcare, launching and growing multiple companies and engaging closely with clients and partners. His involvement with Wave's management team in various start-ups resulted in successful mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Jordan's expertise made him a contributing author and speaker on healthcare, clearinghouse technology, data repurposing, and regulation.