Patient Engagement Solutions

Improve administrative tasks and patient payment experiences

Empower patient engagement with user-friendly, secure, and personalized technology

Scheduling. Registration. Cost estimating. Paperwork. Waiting rooms. These are the bumps in the road where inefficiency leads to patient confusion and frustration. Which can mean missed doctor visits. Causing gaps in care. And late payments. Or no payment at all.

Your patients are also consumers who demand convenient, personalized service and streamlined financial processes associated with their healthcare.

Leverage our team’s expertise in data and analytics, and access our expanding suite of patient experience solutions to simplify patient tasks like pre-registration, check-in procedures and understanding the cost of care. We want to help you uncomplicate the healthcare experience – we’re confident it can be done.

5 strategies for building a better digital patient journey

Learn how to create a digital experience that will delight your patients and increase your bottom line.

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Patient engagement statistics

24M patients graphic

We identified 42 million patients for charity with Patient Financial Clearance in 2021.

$2.3B statistic image

PaymentSafe® captured $2.3 billion in credit/debit payments, cash, eCheck and paper checks in 2019.

Patient engagement technology to provide a better patient and staff experience


Offer your patients the flexibility and convenience to schedule appointments online on any device, 24/7.


Enable digital patient intake to streamline administrative tasks. 


Provide an estimate of patient financial responsibility pre-appointment.


Give patients a pre-service mobile estimate and payment experience.

The State of Patient Access: 2021

A glimpse of what patients hope the digital front door will look like in 2021 and beyond. Are providers on the same page?

Liz Serie, Senior Product Director at Experian Health, discusses how a digital front door benefits healthcare providers.

Benefis Health System shares how they improved patient access with the Experian Health online appointment scheduling tool, Patient Schedule.

Patient engagement resources


5 strategies for building a better digital patient experience


How to ‘Unlock’ Healthcare’s Digital Front Door

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How to improve patient engagement with a data-driven marketing plan

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How data-driven technology can reduce surprise billing

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