Patient Engagement Solutions

Improve administrative tasks and patient payment experiences

Hear from our customers: El Camino Hospital

Terri Manifesto with El Camino Hospital discusses how providing 24/7 patient estimates is helping to drive patient financial transparency goals. 

Empower patient engagement with user-friendly, secure, and personalized technology

Your patients are also consumers who demand convenient, personalized service and streamlined financial processes associated with their healthcare.

Leverage our team’s expertise in data and analytics to develop solutions that simplify patient tasks like pre-registration, check-in procedures and understanding the cost of care.

Optimize revenue collection while building patient loyalty with Experian Health.

Clarity, control, convenience

Engaging patients with self-service tools

Patient engagement statistics

61% of consumers

Would consider switching providers for a better healthcare payments experience (Trends in Healthcare Payments, Annual Report 2018).

15 million patients

We  identified 15 million patients for charity with Patient Financial Clearance in 2018.

$3.1 billion

Collections Optimization Manager helped providers tap into an additional $3.1 billion in 2018.

$2.3 billion

PaymentSafe ®  captured $2.3 billion in credit/debit payments, cash and paper checks in 2018.

Patient engagement technology to provide a better patient and staff experience

Self-service patient portal

Drive digital patient experiences including scheduling.

Patient collection system

Prioritize and personalize collection outreach to increase recoveries.

Propensity to pay

Identify those patients likely to pay and connect others to financial assistance programs.

Price transparency

Provide an estimate of patient financial responsibility pre-appointment.

Patient payments

Seamlessly accept patient payments anytime.

Mobile payments

Give patients a pre-service mobile estimate and payment experience.

Yale New Haven Health client success story

How YNHH created pre-service excellence to elevate the financial experience

Hear from our customers: Saratoga Hospital

With Patient Estimates, Saratoga Hospital increased cash collections by 400 percent from 2015 to 2018.

Experian Health Video: Dan Wiens

Dan Wiens discusses how Experian Health is changing the way consumers interact with health systems to understand their cost of care.

Patient engagement resources


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How data-driven technology can reduce surprise billing


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