Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Increase cash flow with revenue cycle management solutions spanning the entire patient lifecycle

Speed your time to reimbursement

With consumer out-of-pocket spending on the rise and reimbursement structures becoming more complex, manual processes are slowing organizations down and costing them revenue.

The fix? Automated and data-driven insights across the revenue cycle, from patient access to collections management.

  • Secure better access for patients
  • Stop manually processing claims
  • Increase collections and cash flow
  • Stay compliant while providing an elevated patient experience

Patient Access Solutions

Strengthen your revenue cycle process by ensuring correct patient information on the front end, reducing errors that cause rework in the back office.

Healthcare Collections

Optimize collections and recovery rates on past-due accounts while decreasing your cost to collect.

Healthcare Claims Management

Our integrated products automate your claims workflows and improve your healthcare claims management process.

Payer Contract Management

Missed payer payments and underpayments add stress and uncertainty to your revenue cycle. Audit payer compliance against contract terms for maximum revenue.

Stanford Health Care

Hear how Stanford’s Operations team uses Collections Optimization Manager to reduce their cost to collect and automate bad debt assignments, charitable write-offs, and more.

The State of Claims 2022

The latest survey results from 200 executive healthcare professionals help shed light on the current claims environment:

  • The top 3 reasons for claims denials increasing between 10-15%
  • Where organizations turn to for claims automation solutions
  • How claims ROI is determined across respondents
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Experian Health RCM solution statistics

900 +

Payer connections

1,800 +

CORE HIS integrations

216 million

Claims processed annually

2.9 billion

Eligibility transactions in 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Revenue management in healthcare connects the financial and clinical aspects of care. Its purpose is to ensure proper reimbursement and accurate, efficient billings and claims management processes.

Revenue cycle components include:

  • Patient registration

  • Eligibility and benefits review

  • Data entry of patient information

  • Prior authorization requests

  • Patient encounters for treatment and services

  • Charge posting documentation

  • Coding and billing of claims

  • Claims management

  • Payer contract management

  • Patient billing and collections

Healthcare revenue cycle analytics leverages data to analyze, track and optimize healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). Its benefits include insight into performance, identifying revenue leakage, payer response and KPI monitoring. It’s a business intelligence tool focusing on problem areas of billing efficiency, reimbursements, benchmarking and trending historical data.

Revenue cycle optimization is possible with many strategies. Healthcare revenue cycle optimization is achievable by:

  • Staying updated on payer policies with automated alerts

  • Enhancing patient access

  • Using technology that automates processes and streamlines the workflow

  • Improving patient matching to reduce denials

  • Collecting and acting on actionable insights from RCM analytics

These tips can improve reimbursement efficiency:

  • Create a streamlined verification process.

  • Provide patient estimates for upfront collections.

  • Integrate document review processes to reduce denials.

  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for claims verification.

  • Make corrections to denials quickly for resubmittal.

Finding coverage and billing sooner with Coverage Discovery

How Essentia Health used Coverage Discovery to find 67% coverage for patient accounts that were self-pay or uninsured at the point of pre-service.

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