Patient scheduling software

Provide 24/7 online patient scheduling to increase patient retention and referral completion

Boost patient satisfaction and staff efficiency with automated patient scheduling

Today’s consumers expect a digitally native scheduling experience. When healthcare providers fall behind expectations, they struggle to acquire and retain patients, keep them engaged, and provide the self-service and guided experiences that patients want.

Experian Health’s Patient Schedule is a digital scheduling platform that helps many of the nation’s largest health plans, health systems, and physician groups build their patient scheduling infrastructure and make the most of their scheduling inventory.

See how 24/7 digital front door options increase patient satisfaction, staff efficiency, and revenue opportunities.

Up to 50%

Scheduling time reduction

Improve call center efficiency with guided search to make scheduling fast and easy.

1 hour

Staff training time

No more scribbled notes and complex memorizations. Staff are trained and can take calls the same day.  


Patient show rate

Increase your referral completion rates and reduce care gaps with automated reminders via IVR, SMS, or email.


More patients per month

Attract more consumers and increase market share with convenient self-scheduling options based on your business rules.

*All stats are Experian client portfolio averages from June 2022-June 2023

How IU Health transformed operations with guided scheduling

Client success

Case study On-demand webinar

Customer stories

CareMount Medical

CareMount Medical discusses how they implemented online patient scheduling as a part of their 24/7 access initiative, enabling real-time scheduling access across all of their providers and specialties.

HCA Healthcare

From real-time patient scheduling to new forms of outreach, HCA Healthcare and Experian Health have developed custom approaches to scheduling that benefit patients and providers.

Make access easy and convenient with 24/7 automated patient scheduling software.

  • Improve the patient experience: put patients in charge with self-scheduling options
  • Increase new patient acquisition: make it easy for new patients to engage with your system –no log in required
  • Reduce call center volume: shift call center volume to self-service scheduling
  • Guide patients: to the right appointment and provider based on your scheduling rules. 

Improve call center efficiency and patient experience with guided search and scheduling.

  • Less training time: step up your staff’s productivity with less training time 
  • Acquire more patients: gain more new patients with faster scheduling capabilities 
  • Reduce outmigration: keep referrals within a targeted set of specialists 
  • Maximize patient show rates: with appointments accurately matched to patients’ needs 

Schedule appointments and close gaps in care with automation.

  • Enable self-scheduling via text & IVR: send automatic scheduling texts and reminders to scale care gap outreach efforts  
  • Launch campaigns to targeted outreach lists: upload your list, build a script, and launch new campaigns fast
  • Reduce call center volume: book more appointments with fewer phone calls using automated Outreach

How patient scheduling software works

Patient Schedule guides consumers to the right care with real-time scheduling online, onsite, or via call centers.

  • Automate scheduling workflows that allow providers to define appointment criteria.
  • Increase completion rates and reduce care gaps with automated IVR, SMS, or email reminders.
  • Improve call center efficiency with guided search to quickly find and book the right appointment.

Patient scheduling software resources

doctor talking to patient with tablet

Improving the patient experience – why it matters

Utilize digital tools to offer timely access to services, clear and comprehensive communications, and a tailored approach to patient engagement to foster patient satisfaction – or risk losing patients to their competitors.

healthcare staffing speaking at front desk

Alleviate the healthcare staffing crisis with automation

Look at three areas where automation can simultaneously alleviate the burden of staff shortages and create a better patient experience.

patient talking on video call

[Report] Easing frictions in the digital patient journey

We reveal four major findings from our recent survey of healthcare consumers. One eye-opening statistic? 61% of patients say they would switch to a healthcare provider who offers a patient portal.

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