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CareMount Medical discusses how they implemented online patient scheduling as a part of their 24/7 access initiative, enabling real-time scheduling access across all of their providers and specialties.

Enhance digital patient engagement and accelerate call center operations.

Using our patient scheduling software can help you make access to care easy across any channel: on the web, in call centers, or in provider offices. Give your patients the self-service experience they’re accustomed to with 24/7 online appointment scheduling. Equip your call center agents with a best-in-class platform to guide patients to the right care and schedule appointments in real-time. With an EMR/PM system agnostic interface, our platform can be the central scheduling hub across your entire enterprise.

Experian Health’s patient scheduling software can help your organization unlock their digital front door and simultaneously improve the efficiency and experience of scheduling in your call center.

Health plans can use the scheduling technology, as well, to better connect patients to needed care. By digitally connecting with providers through our scheduling platform, members can be engaged more efficiently, at-risk organizations can close more gaps in care, and relationships between health plans and their provider partners can be improved.

The benefits of optimizing your patient appointment scheduling

Improve patient outcomes for greater financial return.

Add 8+ new patients per provider per month

Convenient self-scheduling is proven to attract more consumers and increase market share.

Reduce call times by 50%

Empowering call center agents with guided search makes scheduling quicker and easier.

Move 30% of volume to self-service

Offload call center volume by offering self-service scheduling online and through text & IVR outreach campaigns.

Close 56% more gaps in care

Payers can greatly increase care gap closure with digital scheduling solutions.

Supporting patient self-scheduling, call centers and in-office scheduling

Schedule patients for the right care and in real-time

Online scheduling

Make access easy and convenient with 24/7 online patient scheduling software.

Allow patients to self-schedule appointments from anywhere, 24/7, and receive helpful appointment reminders.

Make access easy with our white-labeled online scheduling solution, add 8+ new patients per provider per month.

Offload call center volume to self-service.

Automate scheduling protocols and business rules enabling accurate consumer self-scheduling for complex scenarios and specialists.

Call center scheduling

Improve call center efficiency and patient experience with guided search and scheduling.

Automate scheduling protocols in a single scheduling platform makes scheduling quick and easy while still protecting provider calendars.

Integrate directly into disparate EHR and PM systems for a centralized real-time scheduling hub.

Enable agents to schedule accurately across any specialty with only 1 hour of training.

Help patients to book easier, faster, and with improved accuracy to get the care they need.

Automated patient outreach

Schedule appointments and close gaps for target audiences with automation.

Patients receive messages with the ability to self-schedule.

Build scripts, upload lists, and launch campaigns seamlessly.

Offload scheduling to automated outreach and book more appointments with less phone calls.

Are you with a health plan or ACO?

Check out our solutions for member scheduling and closing gaps in care.

Hear from our customers

Benefis Health System

Benefis Health System shares how they improved patient access with Patient Schedule. 50 percent of their patients are booking after hours and they can even schedule urgent care online. 

The Iowa Clinic

The Iowa Clinic discusses how they improved patient experience and access with online patient scheduling software. The Iowa Clinic offloaded 3,000 appointment scheduling calls from the call center every month.

HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare has seen an improved patient experience by offering appointments through multiple access points, specifying appointment types, and more. 35% of scheduling is now done during nights and weekends.

7 must haves for patient scheduling software

Automate scheduling protocols with customized business rules, ensuring accurate, efficient patient bookings. Allow providers to maintain control over their calendars while helping them fill scheduling gaps.

Integrations via API or HL7 are essential for a fully-functional scheduling system, creating an optimal patient experience, avoiding double-bookings, and deriving accurate analytics.

Deliver a consistent brand experience for patients scheduling online, while making access easy with NO extra logins or confusing transitions.

Not just ‘request an appointment’, but a real booking that immediately reserves the slot on the provider’s calendar.

Automate reminders according to patient preference when appointments are scheduled, including the ability to save to smartphone calendar.

Send automated IVR and SMS text message campaigns that enable patients to self-schedule appointments easily during the outreach, without having to call the provider office or call center.

The right system empowers constant optimization with real-time analytics and dashboards. With data like show rates, booking rates, conversion rates, lead times, capacity management/utilization, and more, it’s easy to refine your scheduling solutions over time. 

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