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Authorization and Eligibility

Manual authorization processes are confusing and time-consuming. Ease the pain for you and your patients. Use automation to produce clean claims within payers’ required timeframes, protecting your ability to realize revenue without fear of denial.

Patient Intake

Harness the power of real-time data to increase patient satisfaction and data accuracy. From registration to admission, Experian’s healthcare intake solutions enable you to proactively monitor patient data and improve operational efficiency.

Online Appointments

Empower your patients to proactively manage their healthcare by enabling them to schedule appointments on their own time. It’s a simple, convenient way for patients and their care coordinators to schedule appointments online without making phone calls. Real-time integration with your Electronic Medical Record Management System makes it easy and efficient.

Identity Verification

Do you know who’s standing in front of your registration desk? Experian’s advanced medical insurance verification corrects patient data during intake by instantly comparing it against our robust database. Avoid manually updating their address or insurance carrier—which can change every year—with Experian Health.

Online Account Management

Your patients are managing their finances, travel, and education on the web—join the revolution by empowering your patients to proactively manage their health online and reduce front office costs. With Patient Self Service, Experian Health’s secure online portal, you give them the 24/7 access to their electronic medical records.

Patient Identity

Prevent healthcare identity theft by ensuring accurate patient identity and insurance coverage prior to treatment with Experian Health. Avoid payment delays and high collections costs by putting the right set of tools in place to protect your patients—and your bottom line.

Patient Access

Keep pre-service simple. Use automation and integration to verify patient information at the point of service to improve administrative operations, coordinate across facilities and ensure payment.

Care Management

Keep patients on the path to recovery. Support the sharing of post-acute patient care information to help providers succeed in the new era of value-based reimbursement.


Maximize your reimbursements and hold payers accountable with Experian Health’s full-lifecycle claims management solutions. Submit cleaner claims, manage payments, and efficiently manage denials to improve your cash flow.

Payment Tools

Experian Health takes the pain out of payments by providing a suite of next-generation processing and automation solutions. Plus, customize statements, estimates, and payment plans to meet the unique needs of your patients.


Eliminate bad debt write-offs—in compliance with industry regulations—with Experian Health. We increase healthcare debt collections by finding previously unidentified coverage, collecting from self-pay patients, and working effectively with third-parties.


To measure your organization’s revenue success and optimize as needed, peer benchmarking and the ability to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) are critical pieces of information.

Contract Management

You need automated access to the right data for optimal contract management. Our solutions help you get reimbursed accurately and fast.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management transforms your organization’s business operations by replacing manual and paper-based processes with digital workflows.