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Find previously unidentified coverage and reduce bad debt

Kathryn Wrazidlo from Essentia Health discusses how they found 67 percent of coverage for patient accounts that were self-pay or uninsured at the point of pre-service. 

When patients don’t have coverage, they often can’t pay. This means providers don’t get compensated. Uncovering previously unknown Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance helps eliminate costly self-pay situations, bad debt write-offs and unwarranted charity designations.

Prevent financial hardship for your patients and improve your reimbursement by finding coverage that patients didn’t know they had. Our Coverage Discovery solution automatically finds available coverage that pays the bills and gives patients peace of mind.

Coverage Discovery is a tool that spans the revenue cycle and helps you find billable commercial and government coverage that was previously unknown or forgotten, and additionally it identifies accounts that may be submitted for immediate payment with primary, secondary or tertiary coverages. 

With Coverage Discovery, you get a concrete ROI based on actionable and billable results.

Whitepaper: Building a revenue recovery solution across the patient journey

A unified, end-to-end strategy to find missed and undisclosed coverage

Key features and benefits

Proactively identify additional coverage

Healthcare organizations that quickly uncover previously unidentified coverage using Coverage Discovery often are paid sooner and avoid the collections challenges of self-pay receivables. 

Automate the self-pay scrubbing process

Coverage Discovery uses best practices around search, historical information, multiple proprietary data sources and demographic validation to find previously unknown coverage. 

Maximize insurance reimbursement revenue

Efficient and comprehensive, Coverage Discovery continuously scans for insurance coverage to maximize reimbursements and minimize accounts sent to collections and to charity

2021 Coverage Discovery statistics


Billable charges found


Found coverages


Commercial and government coverage split


Accounts analyzed

What makes Coverage Discovery different ?

  • Experian data drives our Confidence Scoring, removing false-positives
  • Built-in reporting tools provide insights on product usage, workflows, productivity and financial results
  • Multiple delivery and pricing options
  • Compatible with all major HIS systems

Success at a glance: finding unidentified coverage

Client Video: Kaiser Permanente

Brandon Burnett from Kaiser Permanente, discusses how they use Coverage Discovery to identify coverage and charity upstream.

Client Video: Grady Health

Murry Ford from Grady Health shares his experience using Experian Health's Coverage Discovery and Registration QA solutions.

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