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In 2023, Coverage Discovery tracked down previously unknown billable coverage in 32.1.% of patient accounts, resulting in more than $25 million in found coverage. Fitting anywhere in your revenue cycle, Coverage Discovery uses  multiple proprietary databases like employer information, historical search information, registration history, and demographic validation to proactively identify billable Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance options.

How Coverage Discovery works

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Automate self-pay scrubbing

Scan patients without insurance, before or after they receive care, to find previously unknown coverage.

Reduce bad debt

Lower the number of accounts sent to charity and collections, with insurance discovery.

Build a revenue recovery solution

Find missed and undisclosed coverage with a unified, end-to-end strategy.

MBI lookup tool

Find invalid or missing Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBI) numbers

Coverage Discovery overview

See how Coverage Discovery can help healthcare organizations find previously unidentified coverage—while saving time and money.

Wooster Community Hospital Health System

Coverage Discovery helps their organization find previously undisclosed insurance coverage, optimized their collections process and helps hold Payers accountable to meet service levels.

Luminis Health

Hear how Coverage Discovery helps Luminis Health find patients' missing primary and even secondary insurance coverage, while eliminating manual processes and reducing bad debt.

How UCHealth secured $62M+ in insurance payments with Coverage Discovery

Essentia Health

How Essentia Health used Coverage Discovery to find 67% coverage for patient accounts that were self-pay or uninsured at the point of pre-service.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente now identifies coverage and charity upstream to make the right patient decisions and create a positive experience.


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Coverage Discovery: how it benefits healthcare organizations

Learn how providers tackle increasing levels of uncompensated care with automated insurance discovery throughout the revenue cycle continuum.

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Deep diving into a successful healthcare revenue cycle flowchart

Low-friction workflows that cover everything from booking appointments to paying bills create a satisfying patient experience and keep your revenue cycle humming.

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Medicaid redetermination

How to navigate the complexities around Medicaid disenrollment and provide equitable care to your patient population

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MBI Lookup Tool

Prevent Medicare reimbursement denials and reduce manual work

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Confirm insurance coverage in real time.


Manage your entire claims cycle in a single online application.

Collections Optimization Manager

A patient collection strategy that works, from account creation to zero balance.

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