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According to our 2022 State of Claims survey, 47% of providers said that improving clean claims rates was one of their top pain points, with 42% reporting that denials have increased in the past year.

With ClaimSource’s automated claims management system, you can make sure your hospital and physician claims are clean before you submit to a government or commercial payer.

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Hear from our clients

Brandon Burnett, VP, Revenue Cycle at Community Medical Centers, shares how their organization partnered with Experian Health to implement AI Advantage, which uses artificial intelligence to prevent and triage claim denials.

Indiana University Health processed $632 million in claims transmissions in one week after halt to operations

Case study

Lower denial rates

Clients average 4% of claims denied compared to 10%+ industry average.

Analysis and prioritization

Analyze claims, payer compliance, insurance eligibility, and patient demographics to automatically prioritize your workload and focus on high-impact accounts.

Entire claims cycle, one application

Manage your claims cycle more efficiently from a single web application.

Enhanced integration

Interface with major HIS and PMS systems and integrate with our Enhanced Claim Status, Denial Workflow Manager, and Eligibility and Contract Manager solutions. 

ClaimSource in action

Shorter AR days. Accelerated cash flow. See how our web-based solution automates for efficiency and boosts your bottom line.

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Learn more about our two new claims AI offerings

Introducing AI Advantage™

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ClaimSource clients can enhance your claims management efforts with two AI-based offerings that operate at two distinct moments in the claims process: before claim submission and after claim denial.

Using your own historical claims data and Experian’s knowledge of payer rules, these offerings continuously learn and adapt to an ever-changing payer rules landscape.

AI Advantage™ – Predictive Denials

  • Reduce denial rate. Detect payer changes. Empower your team.

AI Advantage™ – Denial Triage

  • Prioritize for impact. Eliminate guesswork. Increase revenue.

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Denial Workflow Manager

See how provider organizations can automate their denials process to maximize reimbursements and decrease AR days.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Confirm insurance coverage in real time.

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