Steinberg Diagnostic Imaging Center uses Experian Health’s eligibility products to validate patient coverage in under 30 seconds. 

Insurance verification can be complex, with patients taking on more payment responsibility and frequently changing insurance providers. You need to be able to identify coverage fast and reduce the number of claims being denied on the back end due to inactive insurance or non-coverage.

When patients and providers are aware of their coverage, co-pays and deductibles at the time of service, you experience fewer payment delays, less confusion, and minimal need for follow-up.

Let us help you verify coverage earlier in the billing process, so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients. 

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The importance of eligibility verification throughout the patient access process.

Automated medical insurance verification can help your organization do more with less through powerful, trusted automation.

Improve cash flow

Access to up-to-date eligibility and benefits data to increase clean claims rates and accelerate reimbursement.

Streamline workflows

Eligibility responses are viewed in a concise and consistent format that improves efficiency and allows notification when edits or follow up are required. 

Boost self-pay revenue

Capitalize on additional reimbursement opportunities by electronically matching self-pay patients against Medicaid and managed Medicaid databases.

Fast-track registration

Validate the accuracy of patient registration information and coverage before claim submission, and even patient arrival.

Empower financial experiences

Accurately calculate patient’s financial responsibility before the time of service. 

Save staff time

Reduce staff time and training with automated eligibility checks and handle a higher volume of patient visits with ease.


How our patient eligibility verification solution works

Experian Health’s eligibility solutions have connectivity with over 890 payers and modify payer eligibility responses to show registrars consistent patient information, regardless of payer.

Simplify insurance verification with search optimization functionality, allowing you to execute multiple searches to ensure the highest likelihood of finding a patient match. Leverage data enrichment intelligence from additional data sources, such as payer websites, to create user-friendly and detailed responses.

Proactively address COB instances with CAQH COB Smart ™, reducing errors. 

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