Ongoing cost pressures. The shift toward value-based care. Delivering a patient experience that consumers expect. From specialty groups to ambulatory centers to general physician groups, we recognize the diverse challenges of today’s medical groups.

Experian Health’s solutions, fueled by proven technologies and Experian consumer data, are designed to scale your efforts and complement your practice management system.

Physician practices and specialty groups have come to rely on Experian Health for:

  • A patient intake journey that offers the latest in scheduling, registration, estimates and payments built for today’s digital consumer
  • Revenue acceleration and profit gains through automation, cleaner claims submissions, fewer underpayments and a reduced cost to collect
  • A single patient access platform driving an exception-based workflow that maximizes staff productivity

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Experian Health maintains integrations with many practice management systems to ensure we will fit into your already existing systems and processes with ease.

Patient Engagement

Offer patients digital, mobile-friendly experiences, including appointment scheduling, registration and intake, estimates for care and payment processing. 

Patient Access

Automate your patient access processes and decrease denials with eligibility verification, identity authentication and coverage discovery tools. 

Contract Management

Audit payer contracts and gain insights into contract reimbursements and performance to confidently negotiate new payer agreements. 

Claims Management

Ensure clean claims before submission and receive automated notifications of payer policy changes, leading to decreased A/R days and prevention of costly claims denials. 

How to Improve Patient Access with 24/7 Connectivity

5 strategies for building a better digital patient journey

Learn how to create a digital experience that will delight your patients and increase your bottom line.

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