5 strategies for building a better digital patient journey

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COVID-19 has forever changed the trajectory of healthcare. It would seem that a decade of change has come in a matter of months.

As the dust settles on the seismic shifts that have occurred, providers need to capitalize on the new digital solutions that have emerged. This requires a thoughtful and laser-targeted approach, focusing on what technologies provide the most benefit right now, balanced with the ability to build and expand in the future.

In this eBook we explore the 5 key strategies you should be focusing on to craft a better digital patient journey – not only in response to COVID-19, but for a brighter, more consumer-friendly future for your patients.

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  • What the new digital healthcare consumer wants
  • How to make access easy with convenient scheduling options
  • How self-service and automation can transform patient access
  • Advice for hardening and scaling telehealth services
  • How to drive patient engagement with action

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