Three Pillars of Patient Identity Management

The backbone of healthcare's digital transformation.

The state of patient access 2.0

How have patient and provider attitudes regarding patient access changed?

Data challenges of the post-COVID-19 patient journey

The pandemic has irreversibly changed the patient journey and that's good for healthcare.

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How to evolve today's patient matching technologies

Proactive agency management mitigates collection risk

5 strategies for building a better digital patient journey

Clarity, control, convenience. Engaging patients with self-service tools

Exception-based workflow improves operations

The importance of prioritizing eligibility verification throughout the patient access process

Ensuring payment certainty in an uncertain payment environment

Striking the balance: Increase patient collections and patient satisfaction in today’s risk-transitioning healthcare environment

Collect now or pay later: Capturing patients’ growing out-of-pocket charges to avoid downstream consequences

How finding missing coverage can boost your bottom line

The data-driven revenue cycle: Analyzing patient information to improve financial performance

The pitfalls of healthcare portals: Why patient portals attract cybercriminals and how new industry solutions can help

Embracing consumerism: Driving customer engagement in the healthcare financial journey

Value-based care reimbursement: Is your revenue cycle prepared for this transition?

Recession-proof your revenue cycle: the time to plan is now

Your pathway to patient collections in a high self-pay environment