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Optimize revenue while building customer loyalty

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Client Video: El Camino Hospital

Terri Manifesto with El Camino Hospital explains how they used data and technology to elevate the customer experience.

Patients now expect experiences like what they’re familiar with in other industries – and they want to be treated like a customer. As your customers now bear more out of pocket payment responsibility and have more choices regarding where and how to seek care, it means your financial performance increasingly depends on an optimal patient collections strategy.

Empower your customers with a frictionless financial experience by enabling a people-first product design to price transparency and collections that extend benefits to more people by understanding the unique financial needs of each customer.

Experian Health’s payment tools allow for the automated flow of accounts depending on a customer’s propensity tier and more effectively work with your customers to either find funding options or setup payment terms in advance of treatment.

We can help you optimize revenue while building customer loyalty.

PatientSimple, a Patient Self-Service portal

Connect your patients with a consumer friendly, mobile-compatible self-service portal to generate price estimates, apply for charity care, set up payment plans, update insurance information, combine payments to hospitals and physicians, schedule appointments and even set up a fundraising page.

Patient Estimates

Patients should know how much they’re going to be responsible for before their appointment.


Accept payments from your patients anywhere in the enterprise and everywhere in the revenue cycle.

Patient Schedule

Online scheduling solution for patients.

Patient Financial Clearance

Determine which patients are likely to pay and connect those who potentially qualify for financial assistance with the right programs.

Patient Financial Advisor

Give consumers a pre-service, mobile-estimated patient responsibility and payment experience.

Patient Statements

Combine hospital and physician billing into a single document.


Cloud-based dialing platform that allows patients to pay at thier convenience.

Yale New Haven Health client success story

How YNHH created pre-service excellence in an Epic environment to elevate the financial experience

Client Video: Saratoga Hospital

With Patient Estimates, Saratoga Hospital increased cash collections by 400 percent from 2015 to 2018.

Experian Health Video: Dan Wiens

Dan Wiens talks about how Experian Health is changing they way consumers interact with health systems to understand their cost of care.

HFMA webinar: Personalized Patient Billing in the Age of Consumerism

Take the next steps to a data-driven patient billing portal that delivers a compassionate experience


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