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Terri Manifesto with El Camino Hospital, explains how they used data and technology to elevate the customer experience.

Patients now expect experiences like what they’re familiar with in other industries – and they want to be treated like a customer. Your customers now bear more out of pocket payment responsibility and have more choices regarding where and how to seek care, which means your financial performance increasingly depends on an optimal patient collections strategy.

Empower your customers with a frictionless financial experience by enabling a people-first product design to price transparency and collections. By doing so, your ogranization extends benefits to more people by understanding the unique financial needs of each customer.

Experian Health’s payment tools allow for the automated flow of accounts depending on a customer’s propensity tier and more effectively work with your customers to either find funding options or setup payment terms in advance of treatment.

We can help you optimize revenue while building customer loyalty.

Patient Estimates

Patient Estimates is a user-friendly, web-based pricing transparency tool for hospitals, medical facilities, and physicians that creates accurate estimates of authorized services for patients before or at the point-of-service. It combines data from the provider’s chargemaster, claims history, payer contract terms, and the patient’s insurance benefits. These estimates incorporate financial assistance policies for self-pay patients, including prompt-pay discounts, state-mandated discounts, and payment plans.

Patient Financial Clearance

Patient Financial Clearance determines which patients are likely to pay and connects those that potentially qualify for financial assistance with the right programs. Now you can recommend the appropriate financial pathway for every patient, in real-time.   


PaymentSafe simplifies what was once a cumbersome, disjointed collection process by automatically incorporating data gathered throughout the revenue cycle. When you add in point-to-point encryption, the solution enables not only timely payments, but secure ones, too. 

Secure and Compliant Payments

Validated point-to-point encryption provides the highest level of protection for patient financial data in transmission and drastically reduces PCI compliance and regulatory audit requirements and costs.  

Patient Statements

Our Patient Statements solution helps you engage, educate, and empower patients. The flexible, patient-friendly layout of our statements combine hospital and physician billing into a single document, and allow you to add customized messages to patients.

Patient Fundraising

Patient Gifting provides a platform for patients to raise money online to help pay medical bills. Patients create a simple fundraising page from your online business office and share their page via Facebook, Twitter, websites, and email to spread the word. 


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