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Support the sharing of post-acute patient care information to help providers succeed in the new era of value-based reimbursement.

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Care Management

When patients and their healthcare teams can connect and discuss sensitive health information without the worry of security and efficiency, care becomes better. Organizations can reduce readmission rates across the board while keeping the main goal of providing quality care top of mind, equally benefitting patients and healthcare institutions.

Care Coordination Manager

Closing communication gaps between patients and care teams is a big factor in reducing hospital readmission rates so hospitals, health systems, and provider-led health plans can succeed with 30-90 day episode management.

Clinical Data Clearinghouse

Automate the exchange of clinical information between payers and providers for faster reimbursement.


Actively alert your ACO care managers to a member’s admission, discharge, or ER visit—in real time—and better manage high-cost clinical episodes.

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Greg Caressi, Sr. Vice President, Transformational Health with Frost & Sullivan

Experian Health partnered with Frost & Sullivan to gain insight into how healthcare organizations can successfully navigate the transition to a value-based care reimbursement environment.

Today, most providers initiate care coordination for transiting patients manually. Implementing cost-effective IT solutions can support better patient communications across primary, in-patient, and long-term care facilities. This supports holistic episodic care management, which is key to successfully meeting goals of better outcomes and lower costs.

Care Management:
It’s More Than Population Health

In this white paper, learn best practice recommendations to implement care coordination tools to track, predict and manage the cost of patient care.


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