Reduce Readmission Rates

Keep patients on the path to recovery

Client Video: USMD WellMed Health System

With the implementation of Care Coordination Manager and MemberMatch solutions, this health system has been able to decrease their ER admissions rate significantly to finally meet their goals.

Support the sharing of acute patient care information to help providers succeed in the new era of value-based reimbursement. 

As healthcare in the United States shifts toward a more value-based model, reducing readmission rates has become one of the biggest challenges healthcare organizations now face. 

Two key (and often missing) factors in care coordination are advanced IT strategies and patient engagement. The only connection among inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care teams is the patients treated in each.

Therefore, providers should make it easy for patients to be proactive in their own healthcare. In large part, that requires technology that allows all patients and their care teams to communicate easily and securely, at any time and across any device.

Care Coordination Manager

Care Coordination Manager is a rules-driven, closed- loop messaging platform that enables hospitals, or other at-risk entities, to share and assign care plan requests across a diverse provider community and get back structured replies.


MemberMatch lets Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), ESRD Seamless Care Organizations (ESCO), and health plans actively manage members’ high-cost clinical episodes by alerting care managers to a member’s admission.

Clinical Data Clearinghouse

Clinical Data Clearinghouse moves key data among healthcare entities, using the intelligence and flexibility of its hub to overcome the issues which have been keeping the industry from achieving the goals of interoperability.


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