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Revolutionize the claims management process

With Patient Access Curator you can enable your staff to solve the growing downstream claims denial management problem by capturing all patient data at registration with our all-in-one, single click solution that returns multiple results - all in 30 seconds. 

  • Automatically interrogates 271 responses, indicating any secondary or tertiary coverage data. Over-and-above eligibility benefits: active and billable coverage, plan level detail, chaining, and primacy.
  • Integrates directly into the eligibility verification process
  • Automatically analyzes each payer response through AI in real-time to identify hidden cues to other insurance that a client’s systems and staff cannot see
  • Alerts the user of the existence of other insurance and triggers additional inquiries to those third-party entities
  • Uses AI, in-memory analytics, and robotic process automation to find and figure out patient identifiers and fix them automatically
  • In-memory analytics leverages proprietary algorithms that know how to find and fix contact information
  • Automates the identification of existing insurance coverage for records with a self-pay, unbillable or unspecified payer status
  • Provides the necessary information about patients’ propensity and ability to pay so they can make an informed, non-discriminatory decision with no population gaps

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Prevent denial problems at the front end, all at once. In seconds.

Experian Health’s most robust revenue cycle solution

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Benefits you can expect

Staff efficiency

Less downstream denial management, freeing up FTE to participate in more value-added tasks.

Reimbursement accuracy

Patient information is resolved pre-claim in the registration process to ensure clean claim submissions. 

Patient satisfaction

Takes the pain out of registration and scheduling for patients - so they can focus on their health.

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