Patient Access Curator: everything to know about Experian Health’s latest acquisition

March 8, 2024 by Experian Health

Patient Access Curator everything to know about Experian Health’s latest acquisition

In a strategic move that will take claims management to the next level, Experian Health recently acquired Wave HDC, a healthcare technology company specializing in AI-guided data capture and curation. The acquisition brings together the two companies’ capabilities to offer healthcare organizations faster and more accurate healthcare coverage identification. With this acquisition comes Patient Access Curator, a new solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the claims management process.

Tom Cox, President at Experian Health, says, “With our vast clearinghouse data resources and Wave HDC’s technology and expertise in insurance data capture processes, Experian Health now offers the best eligibility and insurance identification products in the market.”

This article gives a run-down of Patient Access Curator and how it helps providers prevent claim denials in seconds.

Prevent denials on the front end

Managing claims effectively – or more specifically, preventing denials – is one of the biggest challenges for providers. In a 2022 survey by Experian Health, 72% of respondents said reducing denials was their top priority, citing reasons including payer policy changes, reimbursement delays, and a rise in the number of errors and denials.

Most issues that lead to denials crop up early in the revenue cycle, when information is missed or captured incorrectly during patient registration. For this reason, it makes sense to focus denial prevention strategies on the front end.

With so much data to capture, manual strategies are bound to stumble. Unfortunately, many digital tools still require staff to check multiple payer websites and data repositories to verify insurance eligibility and check for any billable coverage that might have been missed. Experian Health’s industry-leading claims management products are designed to simplify these processes. The integration of Wave HDC’s AI-powered data capture technology strengthens that offer with capabilities previously not available.

As Cox says: “Our mission is to simplify healthcare, and this move allows us to quickly scale our portfolio with advanced logic and AI-powered technology to help solve one of the biggest administrative problems providers face today, which is claim denials.”

For Jordan Levitt, co-founder of Wave HDC, the merger is a chance to bring their unique technology to more healthcare organizations. “We believe this integration will have a powerful impact for the healthcare industry, improving financial solvency and efficiencies for providers through more accurate medical billing, resulting in potentially more reimbursement, faster.”

Introducing Patient Access Curator: Claims management in a single click

Wave HDC’s technology captures and processes patient insurance data at registration using an “if-then” logic that returns multiple data points from a single inquiry, in 30 seconds. Through Patient Access Curator, registration staff can leverage this technology to collect and verify much of the information they need to compile an accurate claim, with just a single click. In a matter of seconds, they’ll have a comprehensive readout of the following:

  • Eligibility verification: PAC automatically interrogates 271 responses, flagging up active secondary and tertiary coverage information to eliminate coverage gaps;
  • Coordination of Benefits (COB): Integrating with eligibility verification workflow, PAC automatically analyzes payer responses to find hidden signs of additional insurances that may be missed by a human eye, and triggers additional inquiries to those third parties to determine primacy, for faster COB processing;
  • Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBI): PAC uses AI and robotic process automation to find and fix patient identifiers so no one misses out on essential support;
  • Coverage discovery and financial status: For patient accounts marked as self-pay or unbillable, PAC automates additional coverage searches, and provides insights into the patient’s propensity to pay;
  • Demographics: Lastly, but by no means least, the platform can quickly check and correct patient contact information.

Providers can hear more about shifting denials management to the front end of the revenue cycle with Patient Access Curator on a recent on-demand webinar hosted by Jordan Levitt and Jason Considine, Chief Commercial Officer at Experian Health.

On the webinar, Levitt explains that Patient Access Curator achieves such speedy results “because the underlying code acts like a Rosetta Stone, automatically translating the language of the user and the health system into the terms required by the payer.” This means data can be transferred easily between interfaces. “The answer isn’t multiple clicks, running one transaction at a time. With Patient Access Curator, you can know everything about the patient to run a clean revenue cycle process and propagate only clean data downstream, all within thirty seconds.”

Maximize dollars, minimize workload

Patient Access Curator moves away from manual methods and verifies eligibility and coverage automatically, quickly and accurately. But the platform promises more than efficiency; with this technology, Wave HDC has prevented denials of over $1 billion since 2020.

At a time when revenue cycles are under increasing pressure from changing payer rules, labor dynamics and operational constraints, the new integration offers a long-awaited boost to both reimbursement rates and productivity.

Patient Access Curator is available now – learn how your healthcare organization can get started and prevent claim denials in seconds.

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