Commercial credit data reporting services

Minimize credit risk by reporting your commercial credit data to Experian

Contributing commercial data enables businesses to gain quicker access to credit solutions

Financial inclusion

Help your customers establish and grow their commercial credit. Improved credit visibility means greater access to more favorable business loans and lines of credit, lower rates for insurance, and longer terms from vendors and suppliers. As these businesses gain access to the financing they need to succeed, they can increase their relationships with the companies they work with.

On-time payments

Contributing your customers’ payment behaviors provides overall account visibility to business owners. This transparency provides them with a better understanding of how creditors and lenders view their credit performance. Knowing this, they can make a positive impact to their credit and scores by paying on time to those companies that contribute.

Broader views and access

When you and other businesses contribute customer payment behavior, it provides a more complete view of their credit performance. It means more experiences with the customer will be included to provide a more objective and accurate picture of a customer’s risk.


Interested in reporting commercial data to Experian?

Participation in the program provides many benefits to you and your customers including financial inclusion, on-time payments, streamlined processes and more.

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