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Improve accuracy with high-quality data 

Make smarter lending decisions about new customers and enhance predictiveness with access to the nation’s highest-quality and most comprehensive credit database and offerings. 

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Develop more predictive models

Leverage up-to-date information on over 245 million consumers nationwide and gain unprecedented insight into their credit capacity and payment behavior to create more predictive models. 

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Meet needs throughout the consumer lifecycle 

The flexibility of our data allows it to be easily accessed at every stage of the consumer lifecycle, giving you a strong basis for better decision making throughout the customer journey. 

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Integrate expanded FCRA-regulated data from various sources

Combine data from different sources, including alternative credit data, property data, and other types of consumer-permissioned data to gain a single, unified view of a customer that increases your visibility, accuracy and segmentation strategies.


Are you ready to (really) know your customers?

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