Marketing measurement & attribution solutions

Measure the impact of your omnichannel marketing campaigns

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Measure better. Spend smarter.

Evaluate sales attribution, market share and ROI so you can adjust your strategy for optimal results. Leverage our marketing attribution solutions and data to measure the sales effectiveness of your online and offline marketing campaigns.

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Focus future efforts

Gain data-driven insights beyond clicks and impressions with our marketing measurement tools, including closed-loop measurement or response attribution.

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Understand ROI through omnichannel analytics

We deliver comprehensive, multidimensional analysis of your marketing programs, including forecasting and budgeting strategies.

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Built into our platforms for your benefit

Our self-service, web-based marketing attribution platform gives you flexibility to leverage Experian® data, import your data or use third-party data, as well as tools to manage your marketing efforts — including results. 

Campaign measurement for now and the future

You need actionable insights to deliver the most impactful campaigns. Let our comprehensive analytics help you identify your winning strategy. No technical expertise needed; we do the heavy lifting.

Rightsized to your marketing needs

Successful campaigns are driven and built upon with powerful insights that can influence your future campaign strategy. With our solutions, you can start by measuring a single campaign within a single channel and add more to the measurement mix when you’re ready.

Connect multiple worlds

Today, omnichannel is king. Solid linkage is key when connecting digital, TV, direct mail and email campaign data with real-world impact. Doing so is critical to determining which channels drive revenue for your business.

Justify your efforts

As marketing budgets tend to fluctuate more than budgets of other departments, we can help you with KPIs that mean something to finance to help you maintain your current budget and justify expansion.

Start fast

Leverage our standardized dashboards, preestablished methodology and easy access to campaign data to help you move fast when it’s time to measure results.


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