Auto Ad Campaign Measurement

When done right, multichannel automotive marketing campaigns can drive great results.

But if you can’t easily and precisely measure their effectiveness, you may not be getting all the value they have to offer.

Experian solutions provide an intuitive, informative view into all your marketing channels, helping you see not only who purchased from you, but also who purchased from your competitors.

Metrics that matter

Omni-channel marketing campaigns are great for boosting brand awareness and attracting new buyers. But without post-action analytics that show how you can improve future campaigns, it’s hard to justify a big marketing budget to run those campaigns.

Auto marketers need campaign measurement tools that help them run more effective campaigns and, as a result, sell more vehicles. We can help. Experian Marketing Engine solutions deliver analytics in an intuitive, easily-digestible way, helping you maximize ROI by linking vehicle sales to the correct marketing campaigns and sales channels.

Experian’s platform neutrality and deep media partner relationships—combined with our unique ability to match online traffic to offline auto purchases—allows us to provide powerful, closed-loop campaign analytics that you can leverage to take your marketing performance to the next level.


Specifically designed to identify and quantify the results of your omnichannel campaigns, OmniImpactTM for Automotive, Experian’s powerful measurement solution, enables automotive marketers to quickly gain access to robust insights—including interactive reports, graphs and dashboards—to help tell a compelling visual story. OmniImpact helps you prove the value of your marketing efforts with KPIs that identify lift. Using a unique combination of Experian’s consumer marketing and automotive data, this solution helps you translate impressions and traffic into metrics to optimize and measure your multi-channel campaigns 


Identify best-performing audience segments and offers

Evaluate campaign performance based on incremental lift and comparisons with U.S. consumer benchmarks.  With more than 1,500 informative attributes on 300 million consumers, we’ll provide invaluable insight into car shoppers.  You’ll know who is responding best to your advertising — and how to best reach them in the next campaign. 

Assess competitive performance by make, model and vehicle class based on your campaign audience.

Connect campaigns to conversion

Measure the impact of your targeting strategies and marketing tactics on the most important metric: vehicle sales. You’ll be able to link media, digital, TV, direct mail and email campaign exposure to real-world impact in the form of website traffic, test-drives and even vehicle purchases—even down to the device used to view your ad. 

Review national sales data for the duration of the campaign and break down performance by vehicle make, model and vehicle class with 30, 60 and 90-day sales projections. Our North American Vehicle DatabaseSM comprises histories on more than 900 million vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, 11.8 billion vehicle history records, including DMV titles and registrations, and OEM retail delivery data.







Car shopping

The insight to know, the power to act

We’ve made big data manageable and actionable. Sleek dashboards with aggregated data, visualizations and reports are simple and easy to read, driving to the heart of the metrics that matter. So you can measure success, determine what’s working and what’s not, and maximize your results. Plus, multiple reads give you earlier insight, so you can evaluate and adjust your strategy mid-campaign. Never suffer from paralysis by analysis again; instead, move as fast as your data. 

Auto Campaign Measurement Solutions

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