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We transform complex industry data and vehicle statistics into the clearest view of your market.

From the number of vehicles on the road, to what vehicles people are buying and where, and from whom - to what consumers are demanding and why. We have the most current and actionable vehicle market data to help you get the clearest insights into your market and make better, more profitable decisions.

Our North American Vehicle Database is equipped with information on over 900 million current and out of operation vehicles in the U.S. and Canada to ensure you get the latest pulse of your market.

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Monthly updates on U.S. Vehicle Registrations, Vehicles in Operation and Loyalty Trends.

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Auto Market Reporting

Beat the competition with the most current market share reporting available today. Gain deeper insights into vehicle sales by dealer, lending terms, rates, amounts and more, right down to the ZIP Code™.    

Vehicles in Operation

Our Vehicle in Operation (VIO ) products, from Parts in Operation to Global VIO, are created with the freshest data available to know what vehicles are currently registered on the road.     


Through our business-intelligence tool, VelocitySM, we deliver an easy-to-interpret analysis of your market to better understand what is going on and why, and how to improve your results.    

Loyalty Analysis

Loyal customers not only make businesses profitable, they make a business last. Increase your customer’s lifetime value with the latest loyalty trends and unique conquest and defection views.     

Latest trends

View our latest automotive VIO market share and registration trends.

The power of Experian Data

Get a new sphere of insights with Experian’s vehicle, consumer, online and credit data to ignite a more unified approach to data-driven intelligence. Using our vast in-house data resources, we can link our data to yours so you can transform unprecedented insights into more powerful actions.